Gamergeddon: SOCOM 4: US Navy SEALs – The Review

Gamergeddon writes: We waited, SOCOM 4 arrived, and PSN went offline for a month. Now it’s back and that means we’ve finally had the time to spend online with SOCOM 4, a flagship title for the Sony PlayStation brand. Has Zipper made a game to bring players back to the SOCOM franchise, or does SOCOM 4 disappoint fans like previous games in the series have done in recent years?

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cyclonus0072744d ago

Score sounds about right. I don't know why people give this game such a hard time. I know it's different from the PS2 era games but it's still fun nevertheless.

bdavid812744d ago

Yeah, too many of us live in the past only, and we're unwilling to accept something new. I played hundreds of hours of SOCOM 2 and loved the game, but I don't expect the new games to be anything like it. :)