Prototype 2 dev rejects InFamous rivalry

They're both open-world action titles with super-powered protagonists – but Radical Entertainment insists Prototype 2 is "completely different" to Sucker Punch's InFamous 2, which launches this week.

Speaking to Eurogamer at a recent E3 preview event, design director Matt Armstrong said: "The first InFamous was really cool and the second one seems to be shaping up really well, but we offer something completely different and there's space in the market for both games".

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Croash2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

Of course both games are different, everyone knew that, but the comparison back in 2009 was bound to exist as they were both releasing at the same time (a 2 week difference if I remember correctly).
Since they featured a main character (with powers) roaming freely in an open world with a lot of (secondary) missions available, most people had to make a choice.
That's why the debate of "inFamous or Prototype? Which one is better?" existed, even if inFamous was a PS3 exclusive.

Now it's been 2 years, inFamous 2 is about to be unleashed but Prototype 2 has a 2012 release date, so this time around there isn't any debate.
People can get both games, should they like them.

In the end, the only thing that matters is that both inFamous 2 and Prototype 2 appear to be incredibly fun games that look much better than their 2009 counterparts.
Well now that's confirmed for inFamous 2. Radical Entertainment still has a few months to show how much they've listened to their players' feedback.

Edit: But anyway, even with all their similarities, it is true they offer completely different experiences. In inFamous, you feel like you're a very powerful superhero/villain. In Prototype, you're an almost invincible god. Both games feature different parkour/combat mechanics. I mean, really, running on buildings and flying around: "whoa".

Second Edit: Laughed when I got an inFamous 2 ad right after clicking on the article's video.

theonlylolking2875d ago

I still think the infamous series is better.

soundslike2875d ago

I can see how prototype has its merits, but it just doesn't appeal to me compared to this masterpiece I got for free called infamous.


DatNJDom812875d ago

I like how the developer said that there is room for both games in the market. Although they are similar games in certain aspects, they are completely different in execution. Although I personally enjoyed infamous more, I give prototype its props as well. Both are great games. Good thing PS3 owners get to play both.

theIMP2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

@ DatNJDom81
You know who's even got it better? Us multi console owners who can not only play both, but can also play the superior version of the multi plats, instead of being limited to one.

ainsz2876d ago

I though we settled this over which protagonist looked better in women's lingerie??


AEtherbane2876d ago

What is this, I don't even...

nopunctuation2876d ago

That my friend is the awesomeness of Ben Yahtzee Croshaw.

MetalFreakMike2875d ago

What's this?

(Clicks link and reads the article...) in dresses......AAAHHHH! I'M BLIND!! WHY WOULD YOU POST THIS! MUST WASH EYES WITH BLEACH!

nopunctuation2876d ago

The biggest difference is that prototype makes you feel like you can overcome the world while infamous makes you feel like a part of it without overcoming it. I like both games for both reasons. When I want to have crazy overpowered fun play prototype and when i want to have some toned down lightning fun i play infamous.

Kewl_Kat2876d ago

From your comment I would say Infamous if you want to be Batman, Prototype if you want to be Superman. I'd prefer Infamous just 'cause I like low-key superhero characters =]

nopunctuation2875d ago

Yeah that is a much better way of putting it. Bubble for summing up my thoughts.

Kewl_Kat2875d ago

nopunctuation, bubble for you, too :D

LOGICWINS2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

I like the action in both games, but its obvious that Infamous ws the more polished game. Prototype's city ws dull and were the pedestrians. It could have been truly great if it spent 6 more months in the cooker. Overall, I felt that the Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction(the game Radical released before Prototype) was a better game. It had more focus in the chaos and you could take down buildings!

LeoDDestroyer2876d ago

You could take it one step further with spider man web of shadows which came out before prototype. The story, engine, and even the city were mirror images of each others. Imagine my surprise that right after I beat spider man I rent prototype to find the exact same game.

Kee2876d ago

I don't know, I reckon cole would take mercer in a fight. Just hit him with a thunder strike. Nothing survives that. If there were tanks and helicopters in infamous they'd be wrecked very quickly, too.

I know that that is a different point all together, but I see where you're coming from with the destruction aspect.

I just think elemental powers are much cooler than shape-shifting. Given the choice, I know what I'd have.

ZombieAssassin2876d ago

Cole survived a huge explosion too...don't think it was nuke size though. I think Mercer would win in a fight.

Kee2876d ago

Well, yeah but as long as he still has a heart and any sort of fluid in his body (I.e. blood and water), he'd conduct that huge current and it'd be fatal. His heart would simply seize to beat.

ChronoJoe2876d ago

I agree with this, regarding powers and core gameplay they're both different games and there are different reasons to like them, BUT beyond that I think Infamous did a much better job overall as a video game, especially given that Prototype is just a few short hours long.

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banjadude2876d ago


Well said. None of that mud-slinging, we all usually see.

GiggMan2876d ago

Was I the only person that bought both of them???

Eiffel2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

Nope I did,though character wise. I like Alex more, he's an anti-hero so he's a loveable asshole, lol.

ZombieAssassin2876d ago

I bought them both too, good games only reason some people started hating on either one was because one was exclusive and the other wasn't.

palaeomerus2876d ago

I bought them both AND Crackdown 1 and 2, Just Cause 2, Red Faction Guerilla, the Saboteur, and I even bought Bionic Commando thinking THAT was a sci-fi open world game.

I love the genre.

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