Latest Iron Man Screens

Sega has sent out some new screens of the upcoming game Iron Man. The game appears to be shaping up nicely in the graphics department.

The game is also available for the DS, but these screens do not apply.

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lawman11084880d ago

Like it's going to suck repolser rays

dragunrising4880d ago

I've never seen a better looking Marvel game. The lighting is what catches my eye. Hopefully the game isn't rushed and offers something new.

atke car4880d ago

every game based on the movie is crap,end i don't thinks this is exception.

WAR_MACHINE774880d ago

thats not all together true. The first 2 spider-man games were pretty good (not awesome, but good). I just hope they make it playable because I'll end up buying it simply because I'm a total geek for Iron Man.

Monkeynator4880d ago

Some of the lord of the rings games were good. They look like they are putting some work in this one, so it might be decent.