A sneak peek at the new PSP GPS receiver

We've been hearing for a long time now that Sony will be adding GPS capabilities to the PSP. Finally, MobileMagazine have pictures of what the official unit will actually look like

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calderra5870d ago

I can just see this meeting: "Okay, next we'll add a blender and deep-fry. After that, we'll put out a back massaging attachment and "learn-while-you-sleep&qu ot; programs on UMD. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PAY ATTENTION TO US!"

MapQuest, people. It's free.
BTW: You now owe me $300. Hey, it's less than you'd have to pay to get a PSP and GPS!


its not just a GPS system dip Sh1t. It also interacts with games, like mentioned, MGS:po