Does E3 Give Non-Gamers a Reason to Mock Us?

Nival's E3 booth will have a bouncy castle filled with booth babes. Funny, but what will it do to the industry's drive to improve credibility?

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Dart892875d ago

Asains are hot:D.

Either way can't wait till tomorrow bring on all the games.

user83971442874d ago

Brazilian girls are the hottest.

Focker4202875d ago

People mock everyone. It doesn't just occur with gaming. It can range from certain sports, music, hobbies, etc. Alot of the time when something doesn't interest a person or they don't like it they make fun of it. Happens everywhere, not every single thing is widely accepted by every single person. Fact of life, this just happens to be our main interest so we notice the mocking more. I don't care if non-gamers like it or not, I still enjoy gaming and thats all that matters.

coryok2875d ago

who cares? i enjoy e3 and im not going to stop because someone (who ironically is dressing like their favorite movie star) makes fun of gamers dressing like their favorite game character

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The story is too old to be commented.