Casey Hudson (Bioware): "Mass Effect Characters Are Living People"

Mass Effect's project manager at BioWare, Casey Hudson, has been making some pretty bold statements. Namely, he claims that the characters are, in fact, real.

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THE_JUDGE4874d ago

like Lars and the real girl. You know, like really real.

MK_Red4875d ago

While I love Mass Effect's characters, the most realistic and living characters created by BioWare are Baldur's Gate 2 characters.

Hope Mass Effect is as good as BioWare classics and is not a waste like NeverWinter Nights.

wageslave4875d ago

Hm, I played the hell out of Neverwinter Nights for years. It took time for people to warm up to it and get to creating the campaigns.

I've never been disappointed with BioWare. Im pretty confident that Mass Effect is going to be one of my favorites of the year (SciFi is my favorite genre).

wil4hire4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

With all the hype about how "Emotional" and "DRAMATIC" it is, the characters don't do much more than flap their mouths like Puppets. The character models look amazing. the lipsync is terrible, as well as the voice acting..

Its going to be a fun game i am 100% sure, but the voices & animation are no where NEAR Heavenly Sword or Drakes.


They don't even make angry faces.. or happy faces... The mouths just move.. GOD this is annoying. Lets not act like a bunch of FPS addicted HALO3 fanboys are going to run around caring for characters in a game. Acting as if the game is so emotional its going to make them cry.. FFS thats what Final Fantasy is for.

We hear this bs about games almost every generation.. The game with "real" characters.

Everyone who disagrees with me:

Please post videos of mass effect's characters Speaking/Animating in a way better than Heavenly Sword or Uncharted. If not, just keep disagreeing like cowards.

socomnick4875d ago

Dude shut up. Thats all I have to say eat a d|ck and shut up.

razer4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

Heavenly Sword's cineamatics(ie CGI cut-scene) with the actual engine being used in Mass Effect?? Tell me, when all those good character animations are going on in Heavenly Sword can you interact with them or do you just sit back and watch them??

I won't argue that the CGI scenes in HS are great and the lipsyncing and animation is great.. But for you to slam Mass Effect is way off the mark. Let's compare the Starry Night Halo 3 trailer to the HS scenes you are referring too and then you have a better arguement and a fair fight.. Same goes for Uncharted and I think ME's character models and lipsyncing are better than Uncharted.

wageslave4875d ago

What? Is it not 4-D enough without the Emotion Engine(TM) from Sony for you?

Beat it troll, being an ignorant zealot is no way to spend life son.

Bnet3434875d ago

Mass Effect takes a dump on those games. Don't even mention Heavenly Sword and Mass Effect in the same sentence. It's a disgrace to Bioware.

green_ghost54875d ago think HS and Drake looks better than ME ahahahahahahahaha....I'll be god damned if that wasn't the funniest sh!t I've heard all day.

THE_JUDGE4874d ago

HS owns in the category. The facial features and voice acting in it are well beyond anyone else in any game. Good luck to Bioware with this one, they have some really stiff competition.

Rhaigun4874d ago

...has already said that the characters are more life-like than in any other game they have played. Most of HS's moments of conversation are done in CGI. I'd be ashamed if they didn't look better.

I give props to PS3 where it's due (Uncharted), but Mass Effect's conversation system is amazing.

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xCAPTSTONERB91x4875d ago


THE_JUDGE4874d ago

you I saw a leprechaun, now suck my balls.

YoMeViet4875d ago

You hear that? They are real so don't be going around and shooting them. If you murder someone in-game that is real your azz is going to jail!!!

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