Player Affinity | If Infamous 2 Were on Xbox 360

Player Affinity writes: Well Sony has their new killer app coming out in a few days. Infamous 2 will give Playstation 3 owners a dose of super-powered sandbox action that will only be available on their console. Which is a shame, because the game and its hero would have worked so much better on the Xbox 360. Granted, it wouldn’t be exactly the same game if it were an Xbox exclusive. Like it or not, our favorite console has its own unique style for most games.

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DrFUD2880d ago

If it were on 360 with some 360 timed exclusivityon DLC it would outscore GTA IV in all reviews.

Abash2880d ago

*Looks at article pic*

I had no idea Cole would turn into a drag queen just by being on 360

Strange_Evil2880d ago

If it would have been on the 360, then there would be no support for User Created Content.... And if it would have been supported, I am pretty sure, all of the best levels created would be termed 'Premium' levels and would have cost XX amount of Microsoft Points.

disturbing_flame2880d ago

"Which is a shame, because the game and its hero would have worked so much better on the Xbox 360."
According to fanboys, everygame would work better on their consoles, but guess what they are not on their console, that's maybe why they write lame articles.

MrDead2880d ago

I was thinking what is the point of this article, then i read it.

But on a serious note if you like an exclusive buy the system its on, easy.

Focker4202880d ago

Ya, I had a pre-conception of what the article was gonna be and it was completely the opposite. Entertaining to say the least. After reading the article I'm definitely glad we have the Cole that we do.