Insanity Island: The Crazening - Why The Shivering Isles Was Better Than Oblivion

It's a rare thing that an expansion eclipses the game it is adding to, but The Shivering Isles easily bests Oblivion with its dreamlike aesthetic and everyone trying so hard to out-crazy everyone else. Dare you risk your sanity by listening to Sheogorath's obviously fake Scottish accent?

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Axll2692d ago

I really loved reading this article although I really have to disagree with you about Oblivion needing mods. I've never used mods, or felt that I needed to and I have played it through numerous times.

Either way we can both agree Shivering Isles was better that Oblivion, whether you use mods or not.

Tommykrem2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Definitely agree! I've always loved mods, bu the most fun I've had with Oblivion is the experience that came with the disc.

I wouldn't know if I'd call Shivering Isles better than the rest of Oblivion though. The craziness and the fantastic design was amazing because it was in stark contrast to the vanilla experience. Don't know if it would have felt that refreshing without the regular world to return to.

dktxx22692d ago

Mods are way over rated. Awesome to have, but they don't really make any game that much better. 99% of mods out there are amateurish and not well polished, they're really just diversions from the real game.

And I love mods, but they aren't needed to enjoy oblivion at its best. At all.

gornak2692d ago

I'm not suggesting we all use Cadillac mods to replace horses and introduce custom classes like level 13 laser bishops, but I find it difficult to believe anybody enjoyed slogging through yet another generic dungeon with 'I go-you go' combat x 1000, only to find the best loot is enchanted (useless) callipers.

Especially not when it keeps happening.

limewax2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Although Oblivion is fine without mods, I have to say I found it to be at its best with them. However I only use two personally, I would suggest the stutter reduction mod even if you want to play vanilla, And the only other mod I run is Unique Landscapes and they really do add to the experience rather well and have been about long enough to all be fairly well polished by now

Muckbeast2691d ago

Great article. Oblivion needs an entire overall to remove all of its suck.