Review: Hot PXL Shows A lot of Pixels but It Isn't Hot

"Hot PXL is Atari's answer to Nintendo's famed franchise, WarioWare. Using a variety of mini-games at a quick fast-pace, Atari wants to bring the fun of microgames to PSP owners so they can see what these titles are all about. Using a very pick-up and play mechanic, Hot PXL is pretty much open for any gamer to experience. However, can the title replicate the same look and style that made the WarioWare games so unique and fun?

What's Hot?
One of the best features in WarioWare was the number of mini-games that the game features and Hot PXL replicates this number perfectly. Hot PXL features initially 130 mini-games but will also have 70 more mini-games to download from its website. With 200 mini-games the game offers some variety in the mini-game section and will even allow you to create your own playlist, so you can play your favorite mini-games at your will. Some of the mini-games will appear to older gamers as very similar to titles they may have played in the past. A number of mini-games are classic Atari games such as Asteroids, Breakout, and Battlezone. These are nice touch to older gamers who grew up with Atari."

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