Infamous 2 Review (Gamereactor UK)

Gamereactor writes: "Still love at first sight, or has it changed too much for the beautiful relationship to continue?"

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MariaHelFutura2875d ago

Can`t wait for Tuesday.....

miyamoto2875d ago

Having played the demo, inFamous 2 is a very smooth & accessible game even for kids. The speedy game play lends a big hand to for the vast open world to start with.

Its a very good looking game too. Cole just looks so similar to Jason Statham too. SP should just have hired him to play as Cole's character. ^_^

Play Create Share!

Neckbear2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

"Play Create Share!"

As a fan of the first inFamous, I don't see myself using this feature in inFamous 2 at all.

On topic, however, I kind of feel dubious of the second game itself, as it is said it has a less tight storyline. Which is a shame, one of my favorite assets from the first one was exactly that- the storyline, that had surprisingly good pacing itself.


Ignoring your failed attempt of reply, the first inFamous would've been one of those games I wouldn't have beat, was it not because of the story.

Believe it or not, a gripping storyline -can- make the overall experience more enjoyable.

...Not to say that gameplay doesn't matter, of course, but inFamous' gameplay isn't even that good to begin with. It's not a racing game nor a dungeon crawler, so the storyline ends up being a most welcome addition that, when done correctly, can make any game much, much more enjoyable.

HeavenlySnipes2875d ago

I Strongly disagree about the story part

I spoiled myself on the story by watching a little bit of a playthrough, and the story cutscenes and narrative is better than in InFamous.

You notice the tension between Cole and Zeke. When you have bad karma Cole acts differently all together. Story missions have two parts each, one good one bad, rather than having one karmic moment at the end of a mission like in Infamous. The characters are also more human.

Roaming about the city is also very fun. Muggings happen periodically, the swamp monsters roam about terrorizing the streets (mini bosses also wander about like in InFamous) bombs need to be defused to save civilians, hostage situations with the militia etc..

From what I've see, the side missions are also unique and different. No more disabling shit on the sides of buildings or taking photos lol.

Overall the game is a solid 9-9.5/10, you must really hate Infamous to not give it that score, watch playthroughs if you think I'm lying.

Why o why2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

@ snipes Sorry WILL be taking photos for "research purposes' but something im a little dissaponted they got rid of was the timed challenges. Now they're a little different. You now have to get to the target buy grinding. Stay of the wires for too long and its a fail. There are some chase missions though. Sometimes with multiple targets.

@nekbear The storyline is fine with a couple twists. About 2 3rds through good arc. The characters seemed more fleshed out but that annoying women from the first game still seems like the most believable character... Women;). Oh i'd prefer if the reviewer explained what openworld game let alone superhero openworld game he used as a barometer on story. That would clarify a few things imo

@axel below. Both gameplay and story is important but the bar can shift from one side to the other depending on the genre. Better games of this type and many others combine the two well. Nothing wrong with wanting both in that regards

trollpolice2875d ago

It got a healthy 84% Metacritic score. The game is pretty funny i'll be picking it up later.

miyamoto2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

@ Neckbear

this is a game not a movie and you play games not watch a story. What matters more to this game is game play. game play is more important than its story. Will a kid care about inFamous 2's story than the stuff he can play with?

Downloading inFamous for free! 50% to go.

disturbing_flame2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

When i read the review i found :
"It feels like Sucker Punch have gone down the same path as Michael Bay or Modern Warfare 2. Bigger, more epic and more focused on looking good than actually offering any form of depth."

So i was very curious to read their review of MW2, because by saying this the redactor made me believed that MW2 could have been sacked on Gamereactor. And what i saw ? MW2 = 9/10.
"Infinity Ward delivered exactly what we expected. An entertaining campaign"

I loled.

Max_Dissatisfaction2875d ago

Maybe MW2 was just better in their opinion. Just because they are in the same "style" doesn't make them the same grade. Just saying. Opinions still matter.

BushLitter2875d ago

I'm not really worried about scores in a review, and for what it's worth Infamous 2 has received great scores.

That said, what I find most worrying is that in almost all the reviews there seems to be a sense of there not being as a good a story being told as most expected. Especially after the first game.

I like a shiny game, and I like it tightly controlled, but slap me silly and call me Susan if I don't like a great story.

Hopefully the story is more rewarding than these undertones are suggesting

metsgaming2875d ago

Its not just gamereactor with horrible reviews its all the major sites and most of the lesser know ones. Basically forget reviews and see if it looks fun, play the demo and listen to what people who have played it say.

BushLitter2875d ago

What's horrible about this review?

metsgaming2875d ago

Im just saying in general.

F4sterTh4nFTL2875d ago

...will be getting Infamous 2 later pre-owned so that Sony does not get my money. I already have 1 bubble & cannot get worst than that so do your worst PS3 fanboys.

Why o why2875d ago

Lol...that was kinda funny to the point where i was caught off guard. Openzone where art thou

HeavenlySnipes2875d ago

and the reviewer brings up terrible points.

"It makes the game feel a lot more structured and it's hard to feel very powerful, instead it feels more like you're simply running errands for other people. If Sucker Punch wanted to reinvent the wheel, I wish they had stayed away from the karma system which felt much more dynamic in the first game."

That is flat out wrong. I watched part of a playthrough, the missions usually involve large scale battles with the NPC you chose and the karma choices in Infamous 2 actually take you down different mission. How the hell was the first more dynamic with karma choices when all of them were do a mission than make a karma choice at the end of it. You did the same things either way if you were good or evil. In Infamous 2, you partner up and build a relationship with the person you side with.

"Up until now you might think that Infamous 2 is a given winner, but despite all its superpowers it does have a couple of problems. Some of them are technical in nature, like the lack of anti aliasing. Normally this isn't much of an issue, but it quickly becomes too obvious here."

WTH? You are docking points because it doesn't look as good as Crysis?

"Where the first game had a tight story, that focused on Cole and his powers, it's all over the place in the second game. With all the new antagonists and protagonists that show up during the story, we never get the chance to really get to know any of them. It feels like Sucker Punch have gone down the same path as Michael Bay or Modern Warfare 2. Bigger, more epic and more focused on looking good than actually offering any form of depth."

Wow, this guy is something else. The more time you spend with the person governing a certain karmic choice the more you see of them and the more stuff you learn about them. You get to choose you you partner with, its not like the game bounces you around trying to force you to juggle relationships.

clearelite2875d ago

I'm not speaking of this source necessarily, but I wonder how many more years it will take before people realize that most reviewers are no more credible than your average gamer.