Final Nintendo HD Name Debate Continues

Game Informer: Of course, it's unlikely we'll know for sure until Tuesday morning's Nintendo press briefing. Even so, new variations are still emerging on the name even this late in the process. The most recent reports Game Informer is hearing, just two days before the show? It's possible the final name will be just a single word that everyone is already familiar with.

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Shok2695d ago

Nintendo's conference is in 2 days, chillout people lol. We'll know soon enough.

BakedGoods2695d ago

Project Cafe's official name may be...Nintendo?

Hah, sounds about right, since every non-gamer I know calls console gaming 'Playing the Nintendo'.

D2K2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

I say just call it the Nintendo Entertainment System. If there was any system that qualified for having that name it is this one. I wouldn't mind calling it the NES again. Why not?