Is This Project Cafe's Real Name?

Dual Pixels - Nintendo's E3 press conference will announce Project Cafe's real name may possible be...

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Kon2874d ago

Beem? Sorry, this is one awful name. MR.Bean sounds much cooler.

Will-UK2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

This makes PlayStation Vita sound great now lol

MintBerryCrunch2874d ago

Beem?....sounds like something that you would get at Starbucks

ill have a Grande Nintendo Beem please

if its not the consoles could be the name of their online never know

Rumor2874d ago

not hardcore at ALL, but i can see that smooth voice narrator on tv ads introducing this console by this name. say it to yourself a few times...

Masta_fro2874d ago

"Scotty beemed me twice last night, it was amazing"


Max_Dissatisfaction2874d ago

No, no it doesn't. Vita still sucks

kneon2874d ago

It seems the console makers are so competitive that they even need to compete for crappiest product name.

SilentNegotiator2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

Beem, Vita, and come one is going to care a month after the system launches. Bicker over the names while you can, fanboys - no one is going to give a s*** soon.

sikbeta2873d ago

The source of this one is 4chan? lol

Menech2873d ago

Like I keep saying the best name for it has to be the Nintendo Donkey Punch....

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AEtherbane2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

Nintendo really likes giving their new consoles phallic names..

Wii, Beam -- Honestly?

Trunkz Jr2873d ago

Beem sounds silly, but Wii sounded even worse when it was first being said, not to mention all the Wii jokes XD

N4g_null2873d ago

Beem is much stronger than wii. I mean how can the hardcore ride on a name like a limpy wii. Beem is strong and can weather the storm lol. It's act attention and hard enough to knock you out. Also I can see intends new commercials.

Imma firing Ma lazzzzaaaaaaarrrrzzzzzzz then the screen goes dark and beem appears. Yep if nintendo doesn't make that I will and put it on tv my self lol.

Or have the othe hd consoles given you the shaft well struck back with been it's over 12 inches of revenge! LoL

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iamnsuperman2874d ago

Nintendo beem???? Stream sounds better. Even Wii2

user8586212874d ago

I was getting used to calling it stream

jack_burt0n2874d ago

its not stream its striim

AWBrawler2874d ago

Oh God lol I am a fan of odd names. I hope it's called Beem. Imagine all the weird game titles. Mario Kart Beem lol
or the slang that comes with it.
guy 1: whatcha doin, dude?
guy 2: Beemin' my data back to my game.

guy 1: Beem me a friend invite when you get home!
guy 2: yeah, what's your gamertag?

This would be too funny

Shackdaddy8362874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

Beem? Are you joking me? I mean BEAM would make at least a little more sense but BEEM is just completely random....

Shackdaddy8362874d ago

That's true. I guess we will just have to get used to it like we did with the wii, vita, and kinect.

ChickeyCantor2874d ago

Depends on where you come from.
Not everyone reads Beam like that.

digitaledge2873d ago

The problem that you've got is that it's very difficult to register a trademark on a common word. That's the reason that the didn't use Revolution, and also the unusual spelling for the Wii (instead of We).

Beem, if it is that, would still be pronounced 'Beam', but it would be more likely that a patent or trademark would be granted because it is not spelt like a real word.

koh2874d ago

Spend billions to design a revolutionary (assuming a bit), new Nintendo system? Check.
Do a little research to find a consumer friendly name for said system? Ehh, maybe later.

fluffydelusions2874d ago

Maybe something was lost in translation?

koh2874d ago

You have to assume, right? But I said the same about the Wii, and that pretty much printed money for Nintendo, so good for them I guess.

ChickeyCantor2874d ago

Actually the Wii was easy to say globally, If this is true then I can see how Beem works for them.