Will Microsoft Steal E3 2011?

Gamersoutlook "Microsoft has been very quite in recent E3's with regards, to massive jaw dropping announcements such as the 2008 megaton of Xbox 360 receiving Final Fantasy XIII."

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ArchangelMike2690d ago

M$ steal E3 with What exactly? Kinect?

Kon2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Timed exclusives and/or timed DLC

ArchangelMike2690d ago

timed exclusive DO Not steal any shows! We're no longer in 2009 you know!!

cyclonus0072690d ago

The days of third party exclusives are over, there's too much money to be made. The only exception would be Nintendo since they're putting out a new console. Hell, they have enough money to make GTA V a timed exclusive. As for timed DLC, it's not a draw unless your name is Call of Duty and even then, sales aren't drastically changed by it.

king dong2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

"steal e3" ???? what are going to do, run away with what is up for grabs?? absolutely nothing. ffs there is nothing to win.

although, i personally think that microsoft will show their new console in the hope of stealing some of nintendos thunder

gaffyh2690d ago

@king dong - Yes MS, is the Grinch. :D.

It looks like Nintendo might have a good E3 and Sony could also have a good E3 depending on whether they announce details on certain games. With MS, I can only see them having a good E3 if they announce new IPs, because Fable, Forza, Gears and Halo etc. are a given. If they show Kingdoms that will be a good start.

iamnsuperman2690d ago

@cyclonus007 even with nintendo new console are third parties going to devlop just for one console. No. Just not cost effective enough. So do not expect third party exclusives for the Wii2 more multiplats being put onto the Wii2

SilentNegotiator2690d ago

Microsoft hasn't had an exceptional E3 in years. So they're either due for one, or things are just going to repeat themselves.

NexusCurb2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Well... they could steal E3 by making a new LEGO game exclusively for Kinect. :)


miyamoto2690d ago

Is there anything left to steal for Microsoft?

R0me2690d ago

I heard Sony hired a secret Agent to prevent this.

Anon19742689d ago

There's just no way. MS's conference last year was 90% Kinect, and you know this year will be the same. They'll show Gears 3, again, make their Halo 4 announcement, show some Forza stuff, maybe another Codename Kingdom trailer that shows us nothing and then it'll be all "Skittles stop! That tickles!"

Just like last year.

nickjkl2689d ago

with what i just saw if they do i fear for the next year of gaming

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MariaHelFutura2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

I hope they do well, but I don`t think they`ll really have enough to "out-do" Nintendo or Sony. Nintendo and Sony OWN too many companies that only produce games for them, MS is always kind of at a disadvantage when it comes to showing heaps of new software. IMO, the biggest possibility for them is showing new hardware, which they might unveil the new Xbox (which would be big). But I don`t think they will since they just showed Kinect last year.

fluffydelusions2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Project Diamond seems pretty neat (price pending) but I don't think it will steal the show. I'm not sure what else MS has up there sleeves apart from from the following...
1) Kinect Games
2) Halo HD
3) Witcher 2
4) Codename Kingdoms
5) Price drop
6) Forza 4

MintBerryCrunch2690d ago

if their show ends up being showing gameplay of Gears 3 yet again...ill be disappointed...they already did it once...i would be happy with it only if they showed something new along with it, but Gears 3 cant be the main factor yet again, when they did that last year

Pyscho_Mantis2690d ago

witcher hahahahaha lmao why would they show that...
this is what they are going to show
1.Kinect bullshit
2.Gears of War 3
3.Forza 4
5.Skyrim (happened with fallout and bethesda dont have their own conference)
6. Skype/IPTV

JOLLY12690d ago

So Psycho, are you saying that they will have a little something for everyone?

MagicAccent2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Like an E3 equivalent of the Grinch?

Sunhammer2690d ago

With pre-recorded Star Wars Kinect videos, of course!

ScentlessApprentice72690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

We won't know for sure until the end of next week. Until then, stop with all these pointless articles that fan the fanboy flames.

iPad2690d ago



Smoke and Mirrors.

GusBricker2690d ago

With a very big fucking gun.

That's how.

DrFUD2690d ago

MS will always steal E3.
That's what they do and it's important to them.
They put on a good show!
(Hey, it worked for Obama too =)...anyway
It doesn't matter what they do it's how they do it.
It's decieving because they lead people to believe it's cool even though the actual substance is usually the worst.

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MultiConsoleGamer2690d ago

I think they'll announce they are developing the Next Box. And I think they'll be a few games people will not expect. But I don't know if they'll steal the show.

SkyCrawler2690d ago

the only thing Microsoft can do that'll astonish me is if they show a new box with prototype specs demo and exhibition. Other than that and code-name

MaximusPrime2690d ago

Don't know what MS will "steal". The past few E3 conferences were pretty dismal. I doubt this year will be exciting.

iamnsuperman2690d ago

They must have something else up their sleeve. The rumoured TV service thing is really targeting just the US audience and if that is their big hitter then their E3 will not go down very well. They really need more than just this and Kinect at their conference. I suspect an exclusive or two announced as well but again they need more

Nate-Dog2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

The thing is though that MS do seem content to press the "Xbox is an entertainment system and not just a games console" thing. I wish they'd focus more on the gaming part of it (after all does anyone buy an Xbox just to download movies or use Facebook?) and announce some games but I just don't see it happening, especially after the last few conferences.

BrutallyBlunt2690d ago

I think the same, Microsoft has been far too focused on the outside applications to gaming and everything that surrounds the games aside from the games themselves. It started with XBOX Live and grew from there. Kinect seems to be another tool in their arsenal that functions as a peripheral that can control the dashboard and Netflix and all these other things. Skype is another company that adds to their list of creating a media hub.

Has the actual gaming experience changed much on Live? Do we see larger scale games with dedicated servers? How about MMO's? No, what we see are Facebook integration and video services like ESPN. Yet they wonder why the XBOX 360 doesn't do well outside of the U.S. Who else can access ESPN? Who will this diamond service appeal to outside of the U.S.?

I want them to invest in the games, it is after all what the original Xbox was mostly about upon release. Now it has become the back-burner to things like accessing Live on various devices and seeing what our Gamerscore is.

You can only rely on a few IP's for so long and you can't get people to continue to invest in your product if it has the same software as everyone else. Spending money on timed exclusives and DLC is no longer required, they have the 3rd party support. It's time to lead by example.

lowcarb2690d ago

Well level headed I couldn't agree with you more. Lets hope someone at MS has been listening and wants to give its gamers what they want. If MS does not deliver this week I'm filing for divorce.

Why o why2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Lol @ low carb. Sorry to sound like a snide know it all c#nt my old friend but this switch to other stuff has been apparent for the longest. Some people used to get shut the ef down for stating what has been stated above. As a multi console owner i too want ms to show me stuff i cant get that too much to ask. Facebook, espn, xy and z are welcome additions but the games must be the priority and im not talking about some clap ur hands sh:t neither. Show me a couple games that arent kinect related and ill be pleased. Dont even care if they wont get released this side of the olympics because im used to that but these gaps are starting to annoy. I know multiplatform games will always fill a void but ive always wanted more than that.

Oh, i can help you with your divorce...