The Polarity of Outland – Experience it June 14th

As Housemarque and Ubisoft are now about to release Outland, they thought it would be nice to share some thoughts on developing the game, especially on its main feature, the “Ikaruga” polarity mechanic. Thinking about it almost two years later, it feels like we came about the concept easily and naturally.

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BakedGoods2745d ago

Definitely looking forward to playing this. The 360 demo was excellent.

Joni-Ice2745d ago

Yeah I played the demo on the PS3. Was AMAZING!

Sunhammer2744d ago

Didn't I see this in the European store? I could be mistaken but why should it take so long to bring it to the US store?

Anyway, I agree with all the praise Outland gets. Amazing, amazing demo.

ChronoJoe2744d ago

Yeah it's already out on the EU store. Sometimes we get stuff a week earlier, sometimes they get stuff a week earlier.

jack_burt0n2745d ago

its excellent, and everything housemarque do is excellent.

Son_Lee2745d ago

Demo blew me away. Will be picking this up as soon as I can afford it.

solidboss2744d ago

amazing game but fail at the release date...why could it not come out on the 7th?

Sitris2744d ago

Wait.......I'm already playing this game, hasn't it launched in the states yet? Very rare for any game to launch in Australia before it launches in the states haha

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