Sheriffs Department in Okaloosa County Cause Woes For Local Gamers

In Okaloosa County Florida, gamers and parents are not happy.

The cause for this anger is a new policy set forth by the Okaloosa County Sheriffs Department. The Sheriffs Department requires that ALL trade-ins at GameStop stores in the Okaloosa County require Pawn Law Service Implementation paperwork. From what Gaming Console Network understand, this action has only been implemented in Okaloosa County Florida. Neighboring counties do not have this new policy.

If a gamer trades in a single used game, the gamer is required to fill out and sign paperwork. This paperwork include employment details as well as personal details such as weight, height, eye and hair color as well as giving a thumb print.

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DarkBlood2875d ago

lol wow that is bullshit this little law they have there is just going to be taken off soon when the number of angry customers rises.

i'd hate to say that there are more legit people then nonlegits but i could be wrong to an extent but still stupid anyways.

MultiConsoleGamer2875d ago

Gamers being treated like criminals. Boo!

FunAndGun2875d ago

guilty until proven innocent.

dericb112874d ago

Its not just gamers. Its all the sellers. The people are going to be pissed off the most are parents. They don't know or care why they are doing this they just know giving anything more than a ID is way to personal now. Imagine your identification being stolen by a Gamestop employee because to $5 worth of games you gave him all that info. Sue the sheriff department I say.

Morgue2874d ago

This is old news. I was at a Game Stop in Portland about a month ago and they asked me for my height, weight and ect. I asked what for and dude said it was a new procedure or some crap but I never had to fill out paperwork.

Darkseeker2874d ago

On a negative side, people are treated like criminals.

On a positive side, maybe the used game business will be put on a big halt and people will be forced to buy new stuff, giving money to developers.

Dart892874d ago

I'm sorry but no way in hell am i gonna give my money to a developer who can't manage to make a good game and with the prices of games nowadays i usually wait till they go on sale and that's when i buy them.

Heartnet2874d ago

If you think its a bad game why wud u buy if it goes on sale??

DarkBlood2874d ago

true but theres also a downside to that positive of yours more people probably wont get the game day one till they see a price drop and will probably drag on for a month or till they the company has no choice but to force a price drop

so its a lose/win, win/lose, win/win, lose/lose situation all together if that makes any sense hell im not sure it does to me lol

madpuppy2874d ago

The elimination of used games sales will most likely not increase 60.00 games sales, It will reduce day one sales. It will also force publishers to drop prices more aggressively,That is fine by me, I would much rather wait and get a shiny, new game for 40.00 and down rather than having to get a used game for that price. The shame is, Devs and publishers will cry like babies because most people are willing to wait rather than give them good day one numbers.

DarkBlood2874d ago

you said it better then i could lol

dericb112874d ago


Goodpuppy :) Great way to speak the truth

koh2874d ago

I don't know about in Okaloosa, but around here there is about an average of 2 GameStops per town... So I'd just go to the one a half hour away. Definitely not gunna be good for business.

NLGSean2874d ago

There are quite a few in Okaloosa County... Destin, 2 in Fort Walton... Crestview.. and also one on Eglin Air force Base...

B1663r2874d ago

Here in Toledo, I have two game stops ~walking~ distance from my house, and another ma and pa used games/dvd stores as well.

koh2874d ago

For about a year or so there were 3 in sight of each other until the decided to close the smallest one of the three.

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The story is too old to be commented.