New Video Game Releases 6/6 – 6/12 (E3 2011 Edition)

The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2011 is set to begin, yet so is a release week with plenty of win. This isn’t one of those throw-away weeks that that we’ve experienced many this year so far and the PlayStation 3 leads the charge.

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Nostradavis2691d ago

I want Uncharted 3 now and I don't want to wait for it!

jaredhart2691d ago

Hurry up and come out already.

KingNintendoFanboy2691d ago

I can't wait for the 3DS eShop! But they forgot to mention Pokédex 3D!

Invadersims2691d ago

I'm with you on that one!

Kon2691d ago

I already finished Operation Flashpoint. Good game, not worth the price though.

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