Best Uses for User Generated Content

With The Imminent release of InFamous 2, Shayne Copeland of Bitmob looks at ways that User Generated Content can be applied to other game genres.

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Focker4202875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

I want to see a shooter more than anything, where you can create maps using a system similar to modnation racers. As well as a robust character creation system, and a way to create/alter weapons.

With the weapons you would get a certain amount of points to start with and you use these to dole out certain aspects of your gun. Like range, damage, recoil, rate of fire, etc. As well as what attachments you have on it. Those things will cost you your points. You can mold and customize the shape and colors of your gun to whatever you want. And then save and share your weapons so other users can play with them. Similar to modnation racers.

The characters are full customizable with clothing/outfits, colors, hair styles, weight, height, etc. And the weight/ height can affect how your player moves through the environment (such as speed), but can also give your player more/less health. Heavier players can take more damage but are slower, and lighter players are faster but can't take as many hits. And its very adjustable so you can find a perfect balance for how you want to play.

As for maps there can be a voting system, like or dislike. And the highest rated get a permanent spot in like the top 15 rotation. So you can keep playing the best 15. And then there can be a rotation for the best maps of the week. That way there are 2 sections where theres guaranteed to always have nearly full/full rooms. And worst thing if you dont have a full 6 on 6 party it would add a few bots in if desired.

It has great potential but it would be a serious undertaking to get going. But it is a FPS that would have endless appeal because there are constantly new maps, weapons, and customized players. Think of the endless customization with Modnation Racers and LBP, just in a FPS package. It would be groundbreaking if its done right.

MintBerryCrunch2875d ago

this is where PC gaming comes into the debate...having the freedom to mod a game and then share with the rest of the gaming community is one thing that PC's will continue to have over consoles

in game user generated content such as LBP and InFamous 2 now is a start...i believe that Portal 2 lets you create new steps imo...but having the freedom to mess around with a game lays on a very thin line because im sure the big 3 fear hacking/piracy that could come out of it if there are no controls in place to prevent people from abusing the system and the games


Yes, modding is something PC will always have over consoles, but although the possibility of modding is great, not everyone is that tech savy to do their own games.

You can call us console players lazy if you want, but I have to admit I love how easy it is to create stuff on Little Big Planet and ModNation Racers, specially since I wasn't pressed to learn AI programming, 3D modelling, animation and other stuff.

The "Play, Create and Share" games aren't just about creativity, they are just as much about accessibility.

Mod is a great "feature" for PC gamers, but most will only enjoy what other people created, instead of ever having the chance to fulfill their own visions... And believe, many of us have creative ideas that we would like to try out on a game.

Obviously you can't so directly compare mods to this, PC's will always have an advantage... When you mod a game you can go as far as make it play nothing like the original, you can make an almost complete original piece out of it. But if you look at LBP2 you'll see that we are no longer simply customizing the basic game as well... And that gap between Modding and Creative tools will get smaller as they improve the games.

blumatt2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Activision needs to implement some Play.Create.Share content for their CoD games. If people could create their own maps and characters and play on them with their friends and upload the maps to the network for others to play and edit, that would be sick!

I want to see Play.Create.Share in more games. It gives us gamers the creative tools we need to express ourselves as well as prevents the need to pay for OVERPRICED dlc map packs. haha

Redempteur2875d ago

you'd think they will waste time on this when they can make you pay for the maps ?

The base of UGC is that the content made by the community fuel more content .. how do you expected them to sell their map packs if someone can ake better and more popular maps ? ( and pc mod community proved that there ae awesome talent out there )

Focker4202875d ago


They could sell themes like LBP and MNR do. It gives you more textures, landscapes, props, buildings, character outfits, etc. All that belong to a certain theme. Thats how LBP did DLC and it works great.


Actually it sound kind of cool! Except maybe for the COD part...

But would love it if we could tune the gameplay too.

My personal set would be no auto aim, no double primaries, no dual wield, no auto regeneration, no airstrikes, no killstreaks, no perks, no stupid long granade and knife throwing... No crap. Kind of hardcore mode, but with even less cheese.

Sony, put San Diego Studios and Media Molecule to work together on it! Order them to make any crap generic shooter as an excuse for the tools set, I don't care.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

I want to click Agree and Disagree, but since I can't do that, I'll address this comment one paragraph at a time.
By shooters I'm guessing you mean games like Killzone, Crysis, Halo, and CoD. All I can really say here is we want two different things. That, and I'm getting my wish Tuesday: UGC in a Sandbox.

Weapons -- That is a cool idea, and I completely overlooked it. It might not work as well as you'd hope. Some players might create really bada$$ weapons then keep them to themselves. I like the idea of improving certain aspects of the weapons: range, penetration, rate of fire, clip size, recoil, damage... there are probably others. And let me put a shotgun on the barrel of my sniper rifle, then I got you up close and way out.

Characters -- another cool idea, but it might be hampered by the fact that people won't want to publish their created characters. They'll simply build them up and use them in the multiplayer. An attribute system would also work nice in there, with the option to increase your attributes as your character levels.

Maps -- That has worked out really well for Little Big Planet. I don't see why it can't work in another game too.

Conclusion -- I have to agree, LBP did a great job of demonstrating the potential of UGC in a console game. Just about any game would get at least some benefit from including the tools to create your own levels, weapons, vehicles, characters, missions.... the list goes on.

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