E3 2011: Top 3 Xbox 360 Announcements To Slow Down the PS3 Momentum writes: So this is interesting. And by interesting, I of course mean “completely unconfirmed and potentially a bit perturbing of true”.

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Abash2693d ago

Meh, a new Halo and Alan Wake is expected. I wont hold my breath on LO2 though

fluffydelusions2693d ago

Totally forgot about Alan Wake. Yeah that would be cool. A few titles I wish to see on PS3 and that is one of them.

zgoldenlionz2693d ago

agree, Alan Wake would have been cool on PS3 and so would have Lost Odyssey. But last I checked both titles flopped on Xbox, so not too sure if anyone could say it could affect sony's momentum.

I_find_it_funny2693d ago

I swaped consoles with a friend and played Alan Wake, it was cool but not obviously game went thourgh many changes during development

Kran2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )


It only flopped in sales.

It didnt flop in fans.

(Alan Wake)

Plus Alan Wake has over 1 million sales now, which is decent enough to give it a sequel, or a new game which has been announced, whether it be an XBLA title or retail game.

Ju2693d ago

ah...I have to do this...Alan Wake could run on the Vita. It is 960x540 already. LOL (run ducking).

pixelsword2693d ago

@ Kran:

if it flopped in sales, it pretty much flopped in fans.

blu_yu_away2693d ago

Alan Wake was a great game. The mistake they made was releasing it on the same damn day as Red Dead Redemption.

captain-obvious2693d ago

i hope MS shows some PC love
a man can dream

proudly_X2693d ago

@zgoldenlionz ... when do u call a game a "flop"? Alan wake wasn't a flop, you have take into cognizance that the xbox 360 appeals mostly to fans of shooters, and for Alan Wake to have sold over 1 million copies, it really do deserves Thumbs Up!

Inside_out2692d ago

NOBODY needs to worry about the big American company. It will win the 2011 holiday season, pretty much the way it has planned every year for the xbox 360. If that wasn't enough, back in March Kinect sold a confirmed 10 million units. Even if Kinect sold 2 million it would of been a winner, selling 10 million not only got it into the Guinness book of world records for fastest selling electronic device but it instantly created a hungry fanbase for games, games the btw will be introduced at E3 and beyond.

Not enough you say...well take a peak at all the sales of ALL the multi-plats this year and you will see the 360 ahead by millions and million. It was recently announced that Xbox 360 has now passed 55 million consoles sold...sounds horrible hugh.

Just recently, besides M$ buying up 12+ companies and their respective patents in the last 12 months, they just bought Skype, a service that has 140 million users each month and well over 200 million signed up. Sure they paid a kings ransom but when the mobile industry conspired against the Redmond behemoth by NOT supported the Windows 7 phone platform, M$ was forced to dip into the paltry 15-16 BILLION net profit they had last year and out bid the competition and now it's who your daddy for Goggle and Apple and the dumb dumbs at Skype that challenged M$.

Where does that leave us now...well the 13+ million selling franchise Gears Of War will get the party started in September. Forza 4 is coming and it's bringing a big stick. Alan Wake and the great post processing effects of the 360 will make an appearance. Witcher 2, one of the better rated RPG's out right now is coming this holiday. Something like 10-15 new Kinect games for the top family time of the year. Those are confirmed, but rumors persist about what M$ has planned for their top Exclusive in Halo since it is the anniversary for the game that put Xbox on the map in Halo CE. I also find it hard to believe M$ will let Nintendo launch a new next gen console first and not challenge it after all, M$ position was to come out first this gen and look how that turned out. There is also the Crytek exclusive game Kingdoms and everything else that was mentioned in the article above. most of all, M$ isn't saying anything and haven't all year...what suspense.

Sony has announced pretty much everything they will have in the next 12-18 months...they always do and in turn, there's not much to look forward to. The PsP2 being the most exciting thing they have to show. The second wave of Move games should raise some eyebrows as well.

Nintendo could steal the entire show with the wii2...can't wait to see Mario in 1080p and 60 fps.

Apple gets honorable mention since they are challenging M$ by having their conference at the same time on the same day with a very sick Steve Jobs running the show...this could be HUGE.

paintsville2692d ago

Sony lost all it's momentum with the PSN fiasco.

Anon19742692d ago

We can speculate all we want. The smart money says Microsoft is going to be hammering Kinect hard this year.

Too bad for the core gamers that made the Xbox what it is today. For you guys, Gears and piss off.

I hate the way Microsoft has been treating it's fanbase these past couple of years.

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Istanbull2693d ago

This is the 2nd article I've seen from this site that says how 360 will beat PS3 in E3, butthurt jealous fanboys much or journalists?

king dong2693d ago

just shut up. but i am sure you will be all over every sony is going to win e3 blogs.

disclaimer, i am in no way supporting these crap "whos going to win a convention" blogs. i am sick of seeing istanbull.

Inzo2693d ago

Thats wish full thinking from this guy especially here in Africa where the xbox is dead in the water.

Ju2693d ago

Ah...M$ will win by default. It's their home turf.

But in reality, Sony's Vita will match it out with Ninento's Wii2, aeh, Cafe. I think those are the things getting people excited this year.

kingdoms2693d ago

I'm sort of irritated with this site too, the 360 is already slowing ps3 momentum and started to do so months ago. As for games the 360 always ends up with the same amount of games if not more year after years despite the lies Sony lovers make up.

proudly_X2693d ago

@Istanbull : Can you pin point the second Article, cos it seems you are the only one who needs to tell a lie to make a point.

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xTruthx2692d ago

IGN will be streaming the MS conference right ?

TheXgamerLive2692d ago

Funny title, as the Xbox 360 slowed ps3 momentum almost 11 months ago, anyone remember why? see if your answer kinects with mine:)

Then sony completely stopped any momentum it had with this huge world wide psn outage.

Sadly it's all uphill for sony at this point, but yes they'll get some momentum back with continued service from the psn.

newn4gguy2692d ago

Could you go ahead and call your local GameStop for me?

Just...go ahead.

Ask them how many used Kinects they have in stock, would ya?

artynerd2692d ago

@newn4gguy Only a Sony pony would try to make any low-sales jokes about the Kinect.

Could you go ahead and call your local Barnes & Noble for me?

Just...go ahead.

Ask them to crack open a copy of the latest Guinness Book of World Records and flip to the page where fastest selling electronics is printed, would ya?

TheXgamerLive2692d ago

what artynerd say's is very true. I'm not trying to put sony down, they did that to themselves recently. I was mearly stating a fact. and the disagree's are silly as truth is truth.

Anyway's watch and enjoy today's E3.

showtimefolks2692d ago

when sony can as well match the exclusives and surpass them by double digit numbers

why can't we live in a world where both xbox360 and ps3 can gain success by giving it fanbase what it wants GAMES

i fully expect MS to give a great e3 conference and some new exclusives which could be new IPs

and i also expect sony to give a great e3 conference

also EA's conference is a must watch to see insomniac's new IP....insomniac twitter account had this join us 30minutes before EA's conference for resistance 3 so who knows

all i know is today is the day we find what what was a internet rumor and what the future holds for all the console makers....hardware and software wise

the_best_player2692d ago

PS3 is going to do damage this year

chriski3332692d ago

Nope none of those games will slow down ps3

hiredhelp2692d ago


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slavish32693d ago

why does one have to slow the either both ps3 and 360 can be great at the same time!

Hellsvacancy2693d ago

Because this is a competitive market, you dont make money by holdin hands

NYC_Gamer2693d ago

why should gamers care about multi-billion dollar companies making $$$?

slavish32693d ago

both have made profit & done well so my point stands

fluffydelusions2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Not really true. Lots of companies share things and make large profits. Just look at Google. They could keep so much stuff for themselves and their products but they don't.

kneon2693d ago

Nintendo made money by growing the market, I don't think they stole too many customers away from the other 2.

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refocusedman2693d ago

I have a ps3 and uhhhhhhh I really wouldnt say that the Ps3 has any momentum right now. If you call rolling backwards down a hill momentum but, I think we are headed in the wrong direction. We need to focus on moving past the debacle of the past 2 months.

Joni-Ice2693d ago

@ refocusedman....Please refocus man, come back tomorrow after Sonys conference and change your statement.

Muitnorts2693d ago

As far as I'm concerned PS3 has by far the best line up this year and is doing well in sales despite the PSN outage.
I'd say it has momentum.

lowcarb2693d ago Show
Joni-Ice2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

At lowcarb, What will the 360 fanboys do if MS did the same?

Veeger2693d ago

I'd compare showing fake Kinect demos to farting so they did it a lot last year.

KDubyah2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Gag and pass out, where they reside ..
Moral of the story, both sides will stay fans ..

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KRATOS-PS32693d ago

@refo: you have a momunentum problem

HuGi2693d ago

At least if we are talking about sales. lol

WhiteLightning2693d ago

I think it's going to take a lot more then 3 games.

Oh and hopefully Alan Wake is a retail game, I don't want a sequel in the form of an downloadable game, they may aswell of just give us more DLC.