E3 2011 VisionBall: Kinect-Style Control For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad 2 (Trailer)

VisionBall is similar to other leading-edge videogame technology as it allows users to interact with their mobile devices using full body, face, and hand-tracking using only the device’s built-in camera – no additional hardware is required. The technology tracks movements in both real-time and in full 3D that determines both trajectory and proximity.

Full details and trailer included.

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Bigpappy2876d ago

'Mokey see Monkey do' for kinect has a hoops mini game that is much more natural than this.. Still cool to see iphone take a shot at it though.

popzara_press2875d ago

Well, from what we've seen it's still a pre-release beta that really functions as a proof-of-concept, that this style of motion-control can work on phones/tablets without needing extra hardware.

Can you imagine Fruit Ninja using real swipes? :)