PING/PONG: E3 2011 Pre-Show Popzara Predictions

What's going to happen at E3 in 2011? Popzara's pre-show predictions, premonitions and prognostications to get a picture before the big show like never before.

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blumatt2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

I swear that controller is going to be expensive as hell if it's like they say. A 5" touchscreen on a controller? It sounds cool at first but then you've got to consider the weight of the controller and larger battery (for powering the screen), as well as the cost of the controller. If the controller ends up costing people $90, then that's gonna be a huge put-off for a lot of people. Also, the controller is going to be HUGE if it has that screen on it. I don't like gigantic controllers. I've never liked the 360 controller due to its size and I never liked the N64 controller due to its size. What Nintendo needs to go for is great graphics, great games, new IPs, getting rid of the friends codes, improving their online network, and pricing their new console at no more than $350.

johnlucas2873d ago

I'm not liking what I'm hearing about this new console from Nintendo. I think it was too soon to cut out on the Wii. Wii had at LEAST 2 more years of prime life before it was ready to give way to the next generation.

Plus like I said in this article it's like Nintendo's going backwards. All the freedom & versatility they gave us through the Wiimote then going back to a controller you gotta grip in two hands like the controllers before it??? Only this time with some overgrown tablet-style touchscreen??? It sounds dumb to me frankly.

I also disagree with a console costing "no more than $350" like you put it. I have never been satisfied with $300 consoles (even back to the PS1) & think consoles should not be more than $200 unless you're gonna do a pack-in (even then I want $200). Don't encourage them to start raising prices.

Nintendo's getting away from their tradition of pricing their machines fairly & affordably. I first saw it with the DSi & DSi XL which launched at $170 & $190 when both should have been at LEAST $20 cheaper. Then the 3DS comes in at $250. WAY too much for a handheld. And with that crappy launch lineup it's no wonder why it's stalling on the shelves right now. I will protest if Nintendo goes anywhere NEAR the $300 range for their consoles much less $350. Ain't nothing worth that much I don't care what nobody says.

They killed the Wii too early. All Wii needed was more games from the first party, Nintendo themselves. I think Nintendo's in for a rude awakening despite the oohs & aahs you're hearing from the gaming public about Project Café. They walked away from paradise & left the Revolution behind. That decision is going to cost them greatly in the near future.
John Lucas