DLBTV - E3 2011 Predictions

DLB gives his take on what we will see at E3 2011. Whether it's the upcoming Nintendo console "Project Cafe", what games Microsoft is expected to unveil for the Xbox 360, or the NGP from Sony. That and much more from this video!

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mrmikew20182695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

I agree with this dude, I think Nintendo is shaping up to be the most exciting conference this year. By all means, I'm not counting MS and Sony out at all, I'm pretty sure their conference are going to be mind-blowing in some type of way. However, this whole "PSN outage" is done with. I really don't know what people expect Sony to say now. The online portion been on for a couple of weeks now, the PS store just came back a couple of days ago with a whole bunch of goodies, etc. What more do people want?

I think we all can agree that we don't want to see the media show the public how incompetent they are when comes to reporting negative news about Sony. It's water under the bridge now, lets just focus on the games please.

lazertroy2695d ago

-Google Chrome PS3 Browser
-Games like AGENT,Sly 4,Eight Days,The Getaway,Jak4,Kindom Hearts 3 and Sypron Filter 4 Could Show up.
-PSN Upgrade
-Move Games
-NGP Price,Launch date,Specs
-PS3 Price Drop

blumatt2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

It's good to see DLB on this site. I think anyone and everyone who loves gaming should listen to the DLB Network podcast. It's so funny, entertaining, and informative. It consists of gaming and tech news related to Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Apple, as well as other companies. Do yourselves a favor and download their latest podcast from iTunes. You won't regret it.

And I hope to see a PS3 price drop to $250 or $200 and an NGP price announcement of $300 for the non-3g and $350 for the 3G model.

a_bro2695d ago

finally, a video thats not HHG related. one that is very not over the top.

caboose322695d ago

Yea this guy is actually being very professional and unbiased about all the topics. It makes me realize just how bad HHG really is.