Six PS3 Exclusives Likely To Be Announced At E3

This feature takes a look at probable PS3 exclusive announcements which Sony might make during their Press Conference and we explore past evidence for coming to the conclusion that these will grace the event and increase its glamour.

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Urmomlol2717d ago

Evidence? You got none. All you have is speculation.

Iamback2717d ago

PS3 exclusives to be announced at SONY press conference, stop the presses for this bold unexpected prediction!

I predict Nintendo will announce exclusive games for Nintendo console, so will MS for MS console. Yeah I know shocking news.

Washington-Capitals2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Would someone mind posting the times in EST for the press conferences of Sony, MS, Nin and EA?
And also maybe where i can stream it (in canada)

cyborg2717d ago

Here you go

Microsoft – Monday, June 6: 9am PST, 12pm EST, 5pm BST, 6pm CET, 3am Sydney

EA: Monday, June 6 – 12:30pm PST, 3:30pm EST, 8:30pm BST, 9:30pm CET, 6:30am Sydney

Ubisoft: Monday, June 6 – 2:30pm PST, 5:30pm EST, 10:30pm BST, 11:30pm CET, 8:30am Sydney

Sony: Monday, June 6 – 5pm PST, 8pm EST, 1am BST, 2am CET, 11am Sydney

Nintendo – Tuesday, June 7: 9am PST, 12pm EST, 5pm BST, 6pm CET, 3am Sydney

I've posted pretty much every timezone, so that noone feels left out.


Focker4202717d ago


Microsoft has a second press conference on Tuesday right after Nintendo's

I_find_it_funny2717d ago

Sony 2AM CET , I will still be watching

ainsz2717d ago

@ Cyborg: No GMT time, Nooooo! :(

MintBerryCrunch2717d ago

if you guys want a good link

its full of new stories...will stream each show, and has links to each company and the news associated to that company

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Godmars2902717d ago

Certainly don't have any examples, say like Twisted Metal.

Oh wait...

cyborg2717d ago

have you read the article?

All the announcements are being speculated BASED on evidence.

We aren't claiming these are bound to be announced but you must agree, we aren't making wild guesses either.


Focker4202717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

What I want to see is...

1. Agent (obviously)
2. Zone of the Enders 3
3. Final Fantasy XIII Versus
4. Sony Santa Monica's new game (GoW developer)
5. Quantic Dream's new IP

thrashermario2717d ago

trust me dude with kojima selling out if zoe 3 gets announced it wont be exclusive anymore.

kwicksandz2717d ago

i can see versus goin multi too

metsgaming2717d ago

that website is horrible it doesnt load correctly

Thecraft19892717d ago

ainsz gmt is BST ( British summer time GMT + 1 hour )

zeddy2717d ago

quantic dreams new game plus sly 4 are a gimme, dont know bout gow4 or guerillas new ip though.

showtimefolks2717d ago

maybe not announced this year but down the road we will see them being announced. that kojima theory while maybe true i doubt it.

kojima is the new VP of konami so his job is to make sure company makes as much money as possible and that's where xbox360,pc and ps3 all come together and maybe even the new WII if it has the actual tech to support HD gaming

can't wait every year before e3 we expect too much but i believe this year sony will show much more stuff for ngp than ps3 since ps3's lineup for rest of 2011 is already really strong

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MonkJammas2717d ago

David Cage's next project is definitely something that will be interesting.

Istanbull2717d ago

May God have mercy on the competition.

nightmarex1212717d ago

This time around they didn't completely show their cards beside adrift, hd psp, and starhawk.

thrashermario2717d ago

please make our own stealth action game a new syphonfilter, so we can forget about that sellout kojima and he's overrated mgs

shadowknight2032717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

I don't recall ever hearing Kojima ever pledging allegiance of any sort to SOny

SoapShoes2717d ago

I never recalled him saying his games would be all multiplatform in the future either... He has never been solely exclusive to Sony but I expect a few games of his to be exclusive on the PS3 in the future.

Poopee2717d ago

While I am disappointed that we have one less thing to wave over Xbot heads, Kojima is still awesome. He's just too nice for our own good(wants everyone to play his games).

squallheart2716d ago

I agree as well. He just wants everyone to have a good experience but i wonder will their new engine fox hound really impress. There is a lot of studios this generation that claim it will bring out the best of each console but in the long run, they cut corners to make each one look the same. I am just worried about that but knowing kojima he is very picky so that makes me have some faith. Im still not buying metal gear rising but thats because doesnt look like my cup of tea.

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