Crysis Singleplayer Demo Released

A day earlier than expected, the Crysis singleplayer demo is now available. The 1.77 GB download includes one singleplayer level, and also allows you to look at the Sandbox2 editor.


This is the full Singleplayer Demo with 32-bit, 64-bit, DX9 and DX10 support.

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TnS4875d ago

I don't know how is this possible, just hours after the official announcement of the delay, but I'm downloading it right now. :)

Charlie26884875d ago

I think its 1 of 2 things

-it was uploaded by one of the people the got it exclusively thanks to the pre orders
-some sort of exclusivity deal like how FilePlanet gets stuff before everybody else

by the way thanks and have some +bubbles for helping all of us new Contributors :)

TnS4875d ago

Use the the "download without logging in" option. It works for me, but it is limited to 250 KB/s.

Darkiewonder4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

WOW. Too long. someone get some mirror sites up NOW!

EDIT: IE Crashed on me ;(

Darkiewonder4875d ago

Thanks for the direct link!

Dpa4875d ago

Sweet, getting 330kb/s (my max).

Loopy4875d ago

You need the CD key...

Charlie26884875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

By the way people remember you need the latest update for your video drivers

since apparently like Timeshift DEMO the game wont let you play it unless you update

here are the NVIDIA ones

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The story is too old to be commented.