How to earn a Key for Dark Souls

The official Dark Souls website has a hidden game that can earn you a key for Dark Souls. Noone knows what the key does just yet but people have figured out the best way to get all 30 glyphs selected in the correct order to earn you said key. With the difficulty that Dark Souls is going to present do you want to risk not having this key ?

Now everyone clear your cookies and head on over to and follow the directions below to get your key. What the Key does is unknown but are you willing to take the chance and miss out on what ever it is ?

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Blitz0012785d ago

Done it...hope we get something good for in-game :D

TriangleOffense2785d ago

yeah I did it twice. Once for each of my main accounts

BeOneWithTheGun2785d ago

Just got it. Going to check my email now!

GameGambits2785d ago

So not worth it. I got to the last step to start doing the 30 glyphs, type in the gly-3 to start, and no blue square pops so I can't actually do the 30 in a row. I started randomly clicking on the screen and it says I wasted my 5 clicks and need to come back tomorrow to try again? Yeah fuck that. Keep your key and next time design something not form the year 1985 for a cool fan contest.

BiggCMan2785d ago

Follow the directions exactly like they say, and you should be fine, you clearly did something wrong. First, make sure your list is the right one, and not their example list on the site. Then when you get back to the part you were at, you need to hover over the commands once you type in the right glyph, and you will see the blue square pop up. Click that glyph, and it will turn yellow.

Parapraxis2785d ago

locat glyph-3 (or whatever number) under the elements table.
The first part is the list, the second part uses that list in to locate glyphs in the proper order.

Works 100% like a charm.

Focker4202785d ago

Did you pull down the developer tools menu so you could actually see all of the glyphs?? Some of them were hidden if you didn't shrink the menu down a bit.

limewax2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Seriously? You realise you could have just scrolled down to gly-3 from whichever number you were on. The instructions were slightly convoluted yes, But it was actually suggesting you enter gly-# and not replace the hash with a number, as this brings you to the entire archive which you can then scroll through

Edit: this is also not the intended game you realise, the intended game is to figure it out without using this shortcut

sarshelyam2785d ago

I don't know about that guys. I'm with GameGambits on this. I'm a stickler for reading comprehension and followed the instructions perfectly, but the search results for "gly-3" (sans quotations) specifically returned NOTHING.

Maybe there's something going on, but it's not fool proof.

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Parapraxis2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Great guide.
Got a key (for what...who knows! lol)

Congratulations, great knight! You have proven yourself worthy by arranging the glyphs in the correct order.

For your perseverance, you are awarded this Key that will unlock a well-earned advantage during your journey toward reclaiming your soul. >> LONG ASS NUMBER <<

Keep this Key safe, as it may only be used once.

Take heed to not become overconfident, for even the mightiest warrior can be brought to his knees.
Onward to battle!

Dark Souls


despair2785d ago

sweet, easy to follow guide, just had to install chrome first though lol, still hopefully its worth it, I mean its a long number afterall, demo access maybe? or weapon/armor bonus.

Kon2785d ago

If the minigame is hard, imagine the real game.