Is the Wii bubble on the verge of bursting?

GameZone's Stephen Woodward ponders if the Wii is just a gimmicky fad. He praises Nintendo's philosophy of putting gameplay over graphics and realistic violence, and argues that Nintendo must gain a stronghold of quality third-party support to sustain Wii's success.

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MK_Red4870d ago

Well, I hope Wii's bubble bursts so Nintendo is forced to make more REAL games like Metroid Prime 3, SSBB and Mario Galaxy and stop making things like WiiFit. Also, hope it forces Nintendo to lower Wii's price to it's true value ($100 or something).

Rooftrellen4870d ago

Wouldn't we find the "true value" in what people are willing to pay? Like on ebay, where people are paying more than $300. That seems more like the "true value" than some number you pull out of no where.

I'm not sure what you're talking about when you say you want Nintendo to make more "real games" and as examples giving games they've already made or are making.

Seriously, is there any real reason you come to the Wii area and bash the Wii? Even if you got to this one though Industry News, I've seen you on things that are ONLY in the Wii section spewing your hatered as well.

xionpunk4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

I agree, they need to make more games for the hardcore crowd. I guess the wii sport/gimmicky type stuff attracts the casual crowd, but if Nintendo doesnt keep up in the "real" games then it will become another gamecube.

Edit: oh and I'll add that I don't think the wii bubble is "on the verge" of popping, Super Mario Glaxy is coming and its one of those "real" games. I just wish Nintendo would makesome new Nintendo-ish awsoeme IPs

AllanWakker4870d ago

The Wii was sold on the belief that the system/controller was capable of things it really isn't. People imagined 'amazing and never before seen gameplay' enabled by the 'revolutionary wiimote'.

The reality is the wiimote is just does two things:

1) Move aiming from the thumb to the wrist

2) Replace button presses/combos to waggle movements

There will never the mythical "OMG!!! Lightsaber game" or any other games that would require a 1:1 input system and physically stopping the wiimote when contact is made in the virtual world.

The Wii has nothing to fall back on when a gamer gets of the waggle hype and sees that there is nothing more than endless minigame variations of waving paddles/rackets and so on. No amazing graphics to look forward to, no robust online games to look forward to, and so on.

Once the novelty of waggle wears off the Wii gets tossed in the closet to gather dust. "Haven't touched my Wii in months" "My Wii is gathering dust"...

BrotherNick4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

haha, I think there can be if they fine tune it enough...are you really expecting swirling slashes? I can see how it'd work in my mind...when the game starts they ask you to put the wiimote in a certain position, the movements would still be scripted but there would be so many scripts for every single angle that it'd feel 1:1, and I think it's possible. I myself am wanting to make it true, so I'm learning how to make a game, and I want to put it on wiiware.

skarn4870d ago

You're wrong...

It has a lot more than you say it does, and the stuff you said it doesn't have, it either DOES have, or it doesn't truly need.

Snipes204870d ago

Let your bubbles speak for themselves. You might as well start another profile and delete this one if you think that spewing hatred against the Wii is going to help you.

cooke154870d ago

here we go again..

the Wii bubble was supposed to burst 6 months ago.. then 3 months ago then last month.. when will these articles end? Good games ARE coming to Wii!! no one is forcing anyone to play bad games!

ChickeyCantor4870d ago

Phoenix wright would scream OBJECTION!!! on the top of his lungs, untill the Not-guilty verdict. In this case its useless trying telling others there are better games coming, becuase all they see are games like cooking mama and stuff like that.

PS360WII4870d ago

Well if people are still buy the Wii with the "limited" amount of games. Then I think it'll be fine with the amount of games coming out in November alone.

Although MK I do hope for some more real games as well. Developers need to put out their A games to the Wii in order for them to sell and stop with the C grade games and blame Nintendo for their shortcomings.

Silver3604870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

Bad news you sold 30 million games. This is what nintendo is looking at in the future. A very wide spread console base with a dead library. The people that like the Wii only need One game. They are nothing like a normal gamer who needs and wants more experiences. The (Wiiple)New gamers for the Wii only want Wii sports or Wii play simple things to do at parties. That is great short term money but what happens when these people are not converted into gamers and the next gen comes out? The Wiiple will still be satisfied with their Wiis. The Wii has created a huge but stagnant market. There is no room for new games.

ChickeyCantor4870d ago

" The (Wiiple)New gamers for the Wii only want Wii sports or Wii play simple things to do at parties. That is great short term money but what happens when these people are not converted into gamers and the next gen comes out? "

Nintendo is finally doing what they wanted with the Ness, if all, SONY, Nintendo and microsoft failed for mass market until now...( well only Nintendo got the hang of it) you should consider this a BIG step.

you are concerned they wont become gamers, but this wiisports and whatnot is the closest thing to be a gamer for this mass audience.

Nintendo took the right path, now there are more people involved into gaming then ever before.

and not only is this good for Nintendo, also Sony and Microsoft have a chance for more consumers.
there are people who will get more interested in gaming, not all new comers are gonna stick with Wiisports or whatever.

DeckUKold4870d ago

lol the wii already sold more than 30 million games

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