Neocrisis: Weekly PSN Update - June 6-10

Neocrisis: Here is this weeks updates.

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Bigpappy2691d ago

Wow! Thats a lot of stuff for 1 update. I see they are still giving great incentives to lower people in to gettin 'plus'. If they could do this every week with popular titles, they would easily get a large portion of the user base to sign on. It would pay for itself in a few weeks if the content is stuff you would normally buy any way. If you don't really download games and content then it is obviously not for you.

NexusCurb2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

That's for 42 days. xD

WengYong2691d ago

Wheres the DLC for SSF4 Arcade Edition??

SweatyFlorida2691d ago

now why would they have Resident evil 4 (avatars) on there hmmmm? Might hint at the HD remake coming soon :D

jazzking20012691d ago

this is a lot of stuff
but is it really enough?