Are Fighting Games Going The Way of Music Games?

Original Gamer: "Why do I have this looming feeling that the genre is going down the same road as the music game genre? It’s because of one title: Street Fighter X Tekken."

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LOGICWINS2784d ago

IMO Mortal Kombat SAVED the fighting game genre this generation..its cool, accessible, and challenging to master.

SSIV was just PLAIN frustrating if you were new to the Street Fighter franchise.

SkyCrawler2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

And here I am thinking fighting games were doing exceptionally well this gen.

Lou-Cipher2784d ago

That's what I thought as well.

They seem to be doing very well this gen.

Yi-Long2783d ago

... which I doubt btw...

... would be if gamers grow sick of the DLC-milking by these developers by adding DLC-characters afterwards to make a quick extra buck...

... which means picky gamers like me will just wait till these games drop in price and a 'complete' edition is being released... which is what I'm doing with MvC3, Mortal Kombat, and BlazBlue...

Inception2783d ago

fighting games doing really well this gen
SF IV, Tekken 6, SC IV, BlazBlue, DoA 4, MK 9, MvC 3 all had positive respons (even i knew all of them had flaw)

If they not doing well, then we already hear capcom / namco not making fighting games anymore..just like craptivision stop GH series after milking it to dead

SSF IV frustating? lol, than i bet you never played SF III (but i luv SF III more than SF IV) or Guilty Gear

btw, i hope SEGA announced VF 6 on this E3

LOGICWINS2783d ago

"SSF IV frustating? lol, than i bet you never played SF III (but i luv SF III more than SF IV) or Guilty Gear" I haven't. Did you read the part of my comment were it says:


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Louis_Guzman2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Funny that, because I thought this whole fighting game resurgence was brought on by SF4 (which has outsold and recieved higher critical praise then Mk, btw). After SF4 there was a torrent of fighting games, pretty much repeating what Street Fighter did in the early 90s Mk came shambling onto the scene a day late and a dollar short, as usual. It's your opinion of course, no matter how batshit insane it is.

LOGICWINS2783d ago

MK9 saved this generation of fighting games..FOR ME. It was a personal thing..I think you thought I was speaking generally. I understand there are people out there who love Street Fighter...I'm just not one of them

Dno2783d ago

@logic and since SF4 was Sold like crazy then all these fightings started coming out. If it was not for SF4 then MK9 would not even had dropped. SO SF4 saved the genre for you also because if it was not for capcom fighters would be dead.

VampiricDragon2783d ago

its called smash bros and jump ultimate stars

best fighting games this gen

soundslike2783d ago

I love MK but it certainly didn't "save the genre"

google SSIV tournament and chances are you'll find one within 20 miles to you. Now MK will be there as well. Many many places you wouldn't expect are recreating their own "Wednesday night fights"

Fighting games are not going anywhere. Casuals may move on, but there's always going to be a core.

baker_boi2783d ago


How come you be so damn wrong about everything you commented on?

Without Street Fighter 4, there would be no Mortal Kombat 9. As the Genre was a faint cry before the series reappeared(Street Fighter 4)

If you don't remember Mortal Kombat has been a dead duck for quite some time now.

Where as Street Fighter and it's massive world wide community has never died, but only gotten stronger and larger in recent years.

Mortal Kombat saving the fighting genre. That's like saying Granite some how increased the value of Gold.

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ForROME2783d ago

Thank god for the new mortal kombat, because reality it fighting games are getting rare and of poor quality, they are a dying genre. I think the reason for this is, fighting games were more an arcade style genre, they always struggled on consoles

DeleteThisxx2783d ago

Stay free casuals. These games are for the fighting game community, not you.

TroySoul2783d ago

Did this Guy just say no one cares about Street Fighter X Tekken?

*starts browsing through Technobuffalo more often*

soundslike2783d ago

Well if he didn't try to generalize his feelings about SFxTekken to everyone, he might have brought up something interesting.

Fighters tend to grind out skills on a single character, so how many of them would probably just default back to playing Ryu, Ken, Akuma in SFxT? We all know that a large portion will follow suit as long as they remain high tier

"ahh sweet! SFXT, lets check out people kicking our ass online!
*first match*
*second match*

obviously exaggerating, and there will no doubt be alterations in how the SF guys play, but still...I hope capcom makes the tekken jugglers S-tier or the game will be somewhat pointless.

Dno2783d ago

wow you are so wrong i wont even tell you why. Its clear you NEVER played a fighting game in your life....

soundslike2783d ago

ok because people are going to pick low tier characters? yea right.

Tekken guys don't have projectiles so they are going to have to figure a way to make them top tier. Theres no opinion in that statement. People go to top tier characters, if tekken people suck, then they wont be played.

AznGaara2783d ago

I main Cammy who has NO projectile and I beat Ryu, Ken and Akumas all the time. Your clearly jumping to conclusions, in the first gameplay trailer from comic-con you clearly see Kazuya duck under Ryu's fireballs. Capcom knows what their doing.

Dno2783d ago

thank you this guy is a noob Capcom has made the BEST fighting games ever no competition and they will only keep it rolling

Dno2783d ago

You did not say top tier you said RYU... if you played any SF in the last 15 years you would no Ryu is not used as much as others by hardcore players have you seen Evo? Rufus, chunli, etc. SF3 was ken chun li etc. Marvel vs capcom 2 and Capcom vs Snk very few ryus. Actaully MVC2 NEVER had any ryus.

Again like i said if you played ANY fighting game in your life you would no that. Casuals who play online use Ryu but SF4 is a very balanced game and ryu is not picked as much by hardcores.

Also lastly if you ever even LOOKED at a Tekken vs SF video you would see all tekken characters have a dash through which completely goes through projectiles.. dont talk about stuff you have no clue about.

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