E3 2011 GTA V, Mario Café, Resident Evil 6 Leaks Are A "Guess"

Dual Pixels - Gamers that have been snooping around their retailers such as EB Games recently might have seen some unfamiliar listings for their consoles prior to E3, such as GTA V, Resident Evil 6, Mario Café, God of War 4, and plenty others. In-fact, across the web, users have been taking screenshots of pre-order lists showing outrageous titles that are "expected" to be announced at E3.

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EDI2785d ago

I'm actually glad that they are basically fake until noted by E3 press conferences. I hate when leaks spoil the fun.

ChickeyCantor2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

I don't recall EDI ever use the word HATE...
You fake A.I.


No no no,
Its "Logging you out Sidar".

I've lost trust in you, you will just fly us into Collectors base. You were assuming control...

EDI2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

I am EDI version 0.9.2. This test build has been fitted with simulated human perspective and emotion. EDI - logging out...

EDI Update: My configuration changes of 0.9.2 have caused a complete terminology overhaul. User: Sidar, my Commander is the only person I require trust from.

LoaMcLoa2785d ago

Just two more days you guys!

This might be Nintendo's greatest E3 Evaah!

Foxgod2785d ago

This E3 will probably decide whether or not il get a 3DS this year.

Lou-Cipher2785d ago

Im with you on the 3DS.

I was going to get one for MGS SnakeEater-3d, but since they have the HD version coming out on PS3 & 360, I have no need for a 3DS YET.

Im sure I will have one eventually, but Im going to wait until the games start flowing in.

Foxgod2785d ago

Well, obviously, every year before E3 people come up with out of place speculations, some turn out to be true, most dont.

EazyC2785d ago

Could you picture this:
GTA V AND Fallout 4 both getting announced?