Nintendo could have won E3 2011 already with new specs insight

Product-Reviews writes: A new Nintendo Wii console with three processors each clocking in at 3.36Ghz will be able to handle some serious gaming grunt, so if the specs are confirmed at E3 2011, it’s going to be extremely interesting to see what both Sony and Microsoft think with regards to their upcoming PS4 and Xbox 720 consoles.

Has Nintendo just emerged as the new favorite to deliver the most impressive next generation gaming console after the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360?

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Shok2692d ago

That's not new. Those specs were the very first to be "leaked"

iamnsuperman2692d ago

with many other different specs ranging from rubbish to insanely amazing. I bet that non of these "leaked" specs are legit but guess work. No point guessing because we will never know a 100% until Nintendo's E3 conference

X-DominusRebellis-X2692d ago

I agree. But since when did E3 become a competition? Does the company who "wins" E3 get a prize? The only winners are the gamers because we get a variety of cool new things to check out and games to play eventually. It's really lame with all of these E3 "competition" articles.

Close_Second2692d ago

E3 is not a contest but try telling that to fanboys. However, if Nintendo's next console is as good as the rumors suggest I may just make a move back. Console gaming for me started with Nintendo but over the years they stopped delivering what I wanted so I went Sony and MS.

I went off MS after their suspect build quality and Sony have completely alienated me with their lack of support for their Go system.

gta28002692d ago

So what are they winning exactly? Is there a trophy that says "E3 winner" that they award at the end of E3? I must have missed the E3 award ceremony all these years since I focus too much on the games.

sikbeta2692d ago

N conference is getting close, sites need to stop guessing and wait for the real source, which is coming in a matter of hours...

multipayer2692d ago

Oh no, the reaction from the room full of gamers and journalist says it all. There is definitely a winner. Brag about Wii Music 2 all you want, but the audience doesn't lie...

GMWPS32691d ago

Correct. Though if the new Nintendo console is noticeably more powerful AND there are some good games out at launch, I just might buy one to see how far the graphics and gameplay is pushed. Of course this assumes the pricing is reasonable $200-$400. :-)

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-Superman-2692d ago

No, i want see games, exclusive games, news.
Console without games = no Win

king dong2692d ago


even though i am not into all this "winning e3" bollox... how the fuck can you win a convention??

but, unless microsoft or sony show their next consoles, nintendo will completly take the spotlight... no matter what gets shown by the others

Washington-Capitals2692d ago

Not a nintento fan but annoucning a console of any sorts gets a lot of press. Nintendo will definately take the spotlight if they do soo. You or I might not care but the press will.

the_best_player2692d ago

Thats right E3 is about the games, thats why Sony always wins E3.

gta28002692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Man this fan boy war is what is turning E3 into a competition. I thought it was more of a trade show? What's next, people start reporting E3 like a sporting event?

"Microsoft is up 5 points, but if this Next reveal is a Mario game, Nintendo can earn 6 points and earn it's self the victory"

"YES!!! Mario!! Yes!!! Nintendo has done the impossible!! after trailing behind 20 points they rally back and win E3!!! Unbelievable!!!"
"And the Nintendo fan boys go wild!!!! We are now going live to Time Square to get a live reaction from the crowd that has gathered there. Bob, it sounds awfully loud there. wWat's going on over there bob?"

"Jim, as you can see I'm here at Time Square where Nintendo fan boys have gathered up to see this years E3. As you can see, there is mass hysteria here after Nintendo was just crowned this years E3 winner. Nintendo was behind early but they manged to come from behind. The fan boys here are hugging, they're screaming, they're crying, so much emotion here today. Well as you can see, there's gonna be lots of celebrating tonight in Nintendo back to the studio, Jim." lololol. Aaaahhh I can actually imagine that :/

Fallouts2692d ago

You ppl are getting it all wrong. If you are "winning" that doesn't have to mean that their is a prize, it can just be who had the better show and nothing more other then positive news and talk.

I think nin will steal the show with a new console but ms just may steal the light as well if the announce a new console too. Sony can't do much more then announce games, and that's good very good but they are in no position to release a new console. Let's just see how much a new nin console can compete with a ps3, I can't wait.

Rattlehead202692d ago


:D Brilliant! Bubs up!

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OmegaSlayer2692d ago

Ninty hasn't more than a year and a half to capitalize before Sony and Microsoft release much more powerful stuff.
In an economy in full cysis I wonder how the average gamer could react.
I think they will settle with their consoles and wait for Sony and Microsoft new stuff.

Kurt Russell2692d ago

If it's another Wii I will hold on. If they release something like the SNES I will be going in hard and strong.

ConstipatedGorilla2692d ago

To assume Sony and Microsoft's next consoles will be "much" more powerful is silly. I'm sure they will be more powerful, but if it's the difference between 360 and ps3, it ain't gonna mean crap.

Saladfax2691d ago

Console power is definitely not everything. I mean, the Wii is pretty pathetic and yet... Even as the most powerful system, it took the PS3 a long time to catch up, and even that was because of games, not the system itself.

Nintendo has a tricky thing to manage, however. If they continue appealing to gimmick and casual styles of gaming, they'll probably lose some of the new gamers who are looking for something deeper.

SilentNegotiator2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

"won" until we get PRICE "insight"

Do you really think that people who have stuck with Nintendo this far give a crap about power, Nintendo? Nope. If the rumored specs are right, the price won't be.

Theonetheonly2692d ago


shits cheap now the xbx and ps are making profits now on each system.

plus this is FARRRRRRRR from state of the art, ms and sony went with that and on behalf cost more.

this is middle of the road, i expect a $299 tag. :)

FragMnTagM2692d ago

For everyone that was too lazy to click the neogaf link in the specs story, enjoy:

Just scroll down a bit and read round cactus postings. He works at the ESRB, and the patent link he posted backs up the controller claims. Looks legit as hell to me.

AWBrawler2692d ago

Sweet Jesus! I want that Mii game!!!!

Shackdaddy8362691d ago

Wow! All that definitely makes me want it. And yay! It's called current and not beem. Beem was horrible...

ProjectVulcan2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

You can always tell when someone doesn't know about gaming performance when they concentrate on CPU speed as a measure of the peak of a console's speed.

The GPU is what determines more than anything what sort of maximum visual performance you could expect.

You could pair an extremely powerful, expensive CPU with a weak GPU and you'll get.....weak graphics.

You can pair a powerful expensive GPU with a weak CPU and you'll still get pretty good visuals.

Persistantthug2692d ago

And then keep in mind, these CPU's are from IBM, and their CPU's tend to perform higher than normal FLOP calculations (graphics processing) than your standard and normal consumer level CPU's.

ProjectVulcan2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Nothing to explain. CELL is not a conventional CPU, not like the kind of central processor talked about here specifically or in 360. Not only that, RSX is not particularly weak for its generation. Your comment isn't really relevant to mine.

FLOPs have little to do with graphics, sorry. Its simply a measure of a processor's floating point performance, not particularly related to actual graphics performance, or graphics architecture. For example a Radeon 5830 has claimed superior single precision FLOPs performance over a GTX580, but we know which card is far faster for graphics..... You probably shouldn't throw around jargon if you don't understand it.

The CPU alluded to here in nintendo's new machine is not along the lines of a hybrid like CELL.

The GPU matters more to the performance of the machine for games graphics. Its a simple fact. In a conventional system that has been specced for this new nintendo machine, its visuals will be defined more by the GPU performance than any other chip. The GPU sets the ceiling for visuals and takes the brunt of the graphical workload, all any CPU can do is assist with rendering.

death2smoochie2692d ago

The irony is the PS2 had more flops in its CPU than the Xbox1 CPU...
Look how all that turned out...
Total "flops" as you stated mean very little in the grand scheme of things when it comes to visual/graphical output...if this were not the case the PS2 would have been graphical superior to the Xbox1 last generation...and that was NOT the case in any way shape or form.
So as you stated in your post vulcan, posters on N4G.COM need to understand simple rendering mechanics before they post.

Rikan2692d ago

Not exactly, you run into bottle necks...

fullmetal2972691d ago

I really wanna see duel gpu config for one of the consoles. Sony has put so much emphasise on the CPU and forget that the GPU matters more.

ProjectVulcan2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Sure you'll get bottlenecked with an overpowered GPU but its far more manageable on a fixed platform like a console. Its a better scenario than having more CPU power than you need with not enough GPU performance anyway.

The problem with dual GPU setups would be cost. It might be slightly cheaper initially for the same performance depending on the cooling setup, but in the long run it is usually cheaper to go with a single powerful GPU, simpler to design and implement die shrinkages and consolidate components as you attempt to reduce the manufacturing cost of the hardware. Simpler for developers especially.

You usually get more bang for buck from a dual GPU setup when they are new, but as they age they become less and less worth the complications over and above a single GPU setup in a console.

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pixelsword2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Hold up: The old cell processor is clocked at 3.2 Ghz, so are you telling me that the .16 difference = ZOMG!

Whatever; This next console will have to prove that it's BETTER than ALL of this gen's console, not just their own. It won't be better because it's about equal in terms of power, plus it will have to do more than what current consoles can do, which means 3D out of the box is implied, among other things...

Theonetheonly2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

IPC babay instructions per clock,

my i5 is considerably slower than my Pentium 4 @3.6ghz. however it boasts a 15-20x performance increase.

you business with the clock speed is irrelevant.


Edit: oh and it uses less power. :)

hiredhelp2691d ago

If they go back to there roots cater for hardcore/ all style gamers ill be intrested.

SephirothX212691d ago

Good but I think I'll stick to my i7 2600k 4.5ghz overclocked cpu, GTX580 graphics card and 8gb ram pc.

hassi942691d ago

"Has Nintendo just emerged as the new favorite to deliver the most impressive next generation gaming console after the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360?"

Stupidest question I've ever read. Yes Nintendo is currently the favourite, it is also currently the ONLY company delivering next gen gaming, at all.

You can't call it the favourite if it is yet to have any competition.

What rubbish.

frostypants2691d ago

Clock speed alone means NOTHING. It could be 3.36 GHz and still be slower than sin.

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danswayuk2692d ago

My prediction: Nintendo will get the jump on Sony and Microsoft for the next-gen system, and could gain a massive lead.

fluffydelusions2692d ago

The leaked specs TBH aren't anything special. It's good for Nintendo but the next 720/PS4 will demolish those specs.

dmixwell2692d ago

Nintendo can hold an untouchable lead on Sony and Microsoft ,but they will have to improve there online community asap. combine psn with xbox live and make an online experience that is fun to log in to and easy to play with none friends. if it neglects this important feature graphics and game quality alone wont stop me from buying the ps4 and nextbox.

Mr Patriot2692d ago

PCs have already demolished xbox720 and ps4, just saying

Lou-Cipher2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

I dont see it that way.

To me, it seems like Nintendo is finally catching up to Sony & Microsoft's current generation.

The Wii is PS2 & Xbox 1 tech, so I think the new Nintendo Cafe Console will finally be a part of this current gen.

Then in 2-3 years when Sony & Microsoft launch their new platfoms, the Cafe will be dated again.

DrFUD2692d ago

Lou, it doesn't matter if Cafe will be dated by the time others get on the market which won't be the case anyway.
The damage will have already been done as many customers will have already jumped for the new tech and may be reluctant to buy the next XBOX or PS system because they spent that money.
And since developers will have been making games on the Cafe it will become the starting point for development and the other systems when they do arrive will get ports like 360 to PS3 this gen.
For this reason alone I half expect Microsoft to announce the 360 successor at this years E3 to release at the end of next year just so their customer base who were early adpoters don't jump to Nintendo.

FragMnTagM2692d ago

The specs on the Cafe will destroy the PS3 and XBOX. I hate to say it but, Nintendo is coming out swinging.

It doesn't matter if XBOX and PS come out with a new system in 2-3 years as the next Nintendo system would come shortly after that and the 'Cafe' would be really cheap by then.

I think Nintendo is onto something here. The Nintendo I knew and loved from the good ole days is finally making a comeback. Great time to be a gamer.

Lou-Cipher2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

You are thinking like an Investor, not a gamer.

It doesn't matter if Nintendo has a billion consoles sold by the time the next PS & Xbox land, it doesn't change the fact that the Nintendo Cafe will be way behind the PS4 & Xbox3 when they launch.

The Sales wont raise its hardware specs, or it's game quality, when the other two launch.

I do hope you are right about a new Xbox announcment this year though, It would be nice if third party's were able to design their games around Bluray space, instead of a DVD space for all their platfoms.

iamnsuperman2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

@DrFUD "The damage will have already been done as many customers will have already jumped for the new tech and may be reluctant to buy the next XBOX or PS system because they spent that money" but why. With multiplat being the same across the three platforms then the system exclusive will have to be enough. But is Mario and Zelda in HD enough to swing people. It is unlikely unless they can offer major third party support and lets be fair why would third parties work specifically on one platform. Look at the PS3 it is technically more powerful than the current consoles but when it comes to multi plat games they look the same. Jumping early might actually be a bad move. Nintendo need Sony or Microsoft to release another console so multiplat are actually going to use the hardware to the max. Nintendo need to add major exclusives that are not like Mario and that takes years to achieve

blumatt2692d ago

The problem with that is that people won't necessarily jump on Nintendo's console if its online still sucks (friends codes?? seriouslY??) and of course the fact that Sony and Microsoft (mostly Sony though) have tons of exclusives that draw people to their respective consoles. Nintendo won't necessarily "win" next gen JUST because they release a year or two early. People aren't THAT naive.

AWBrawler2692d ago

if online and graphics mattered, Wii would be last place.
It's all about appealing to the masses. Why else is Kinect outselling Move? It's not because it works better, (it doesn't) it's because Oprah and Justin Beiber helping push it out there to the masses.

And Nintendo knows how to appeal to the Masses, as seen with the Wii. So it would be suicide to let Cafe run free for 2 or 3 years with no direct competitor.

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cliffbo2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

how is that a prediction since we already know nintendo are releasing there wii 2 before sony or ms release there next gen consoles, you obviously are not very smart are you.

my prediction there will be an E3 this year /sarcasm

Fishy Fingers2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

I've seen quite a few different 'leaked' specs now, so who knows what will be finally in the box.

Although, it's safe to say you should be able to build a moderately priced system that will easily out perform any current console.

ChickeyCantor2692d ago

And the more I read the more I think it will be nothing like that.
The 7th can't come sooner enough...=(

D2K2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Yeah. I've heard that Cafe would have a Quad Core processor running at 3.2 GHz. I'm just gonna leave it to Nintendo to tell us how powerful it is. But let me say this to the people constantly saying that the 720 and PS4 will run circles around Cafe'. The top 5 best selling systems of all time are.

PS2 - 150 mil
Nintendo DS - 146 mil
Gameboy/Color - 118 mil
Playstation - 102 mil
Nintendo Wii - 86 mil

What all those systems have in common is that they all were the WEAKEST console of their generations and yet they all won their respective console wars without even breaking a sweat. So history dictates that having THE most powerful system on the playing field doesn't equal a shoo-in console war victory. So if the 720 and PS4 are more powerful than Cafe, it really won't make a difference if what has happened the last 20 years is any indicator.

death2smoochie2692d ago

You can even go back to the first real console war and point to the truth you posted in your comment.
The Atari 2600 was vastly inferior to the Intellivison unit...Yet the Atarti 2600 beat it. The Colecovision was stronger than both of them and still even in its last days, the Atari 2600 still outsold it.

The Neo-Geo...
Sega Saturn...
Panasonic 3D0...

I could go on and on..They all lost and were more powerful than their respective competition.
So history ALWAYS repeats itself.
This generation as you stated above proves this once again:
POWER for CONSOLES do not mean VICTORY in sales overall. Neve has.

KwietStorm2692d ago

And what? Why is any of that relevant? Sales don't make a better console. I couldn't care less about which console has the most market share. I play on the system that has the games I want.

nalamcpants2692d ago ShowReplies(1)
kaozgamer2692d ago

so nintendo is gonna jump into the eighth generation of consoles while xbox and sony are gonna come in after like 2 years? this pretty much means that the xbox 720(or whatever its called) and the ps4 will demolish the wii 2

FragMnTagM2692d ago

Yet, as this generation has proven, the most expensive consoles sell the least, and the 'Cafe' would be really cheap by then, so I think Nintendo is on a great strategy here.

spektical2692d ago

.. i dont think so.

many people are starting to see right through nintendo.. why do you think 3DS sales are significantly down from DS regular sales. Customers are starting to see that a new product nintendo makes is similar to a new iphone iteration... which is something like add a camera and slap a $300 price tag.

KwietStorm2692d ago

Onto something like what exactly? All this does is screw up the console cycle. This is like generation 7.5. It may or may not ber a good business move for Nintendo, but this could make things complicated for gamers and developers, if Nintendo in fact does try to create a different a new third party relationship.

DrFUD2692d ago

Microsoft better hope the new Nintendo isn't out on market for long before they get the next system out because Microsoft doesn't have the studios to make games anymore, and if all games on the NEXTBOX are just ports from Nintendos system everybody might as well buy a Nintendo.
Sony at least has studios to focus on PS4 game development and doesn't have to rely on 3rd parties.

blumatt2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Yeah, lots of first party support is a nice thing to have. I for one would never buy a console that relies SOLELY on third party support (if a console were to ever come out like that).

First party titles push lots of boundaries in gaming, such as graphics, gameplay, story, and features. The PS4 will have no problem with first party exclusives and will still have all the third party games that people love as well. Relying solely on third parties for your games is a BAD strategy in the long run.

That is why Nintendo could have success here by releasing ahead of its competitors. They, like Sony, don't rely on third parties ONLY, but rather have tons of first party IPs AS WELL AS third party support. I'm on the fence right now as to whether or not I'll jump on this new Nintendo console. I'll probably wait awhile and see what Sony and MS have to say regarding their next-gen consoles before making any new console purchases.

Nintendo's main focus as far as their next console needs to be to get their online network a little more advanced and user-friendly. Those Friend Codes need to go the way of the dodo.

WitWolfy2691d ago

And plus its hardly called "next gen" when the specs is more or less the same as the current gen consoles... Just my 10c

If you really wanna go next gen, then take the current gen hardware and multiply it by 14... BAM! There is your next gen.