DiRT 3 PS3 Review (

GB: "During the Dirt Tour you will be taking part in events such as Rally Racing which is your standard race. Rally Cross will put you up against other racers on a circuit completing a series of laps while Land Rush mode is just like standard racing, only everyone drives trucks. Head2Head will have you racing another players with a median in between you and them keeping you safe from crashing into them but making it hard at times to tell who is winning as you will cross paths at certain points. Trail Blazer puts you in a light weight car where control is difficult as drifting is harder in this game until you get the hang of it. Tired of racing? Well then you will please to see Dirt 3′s all new Gymkhana mode that is all about doing freestyle tricks. You’ll be asked to do anything from drifting to donuts, spinning out, running over block and catching air. There is even a parking lot strictly made for all these tricks."

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