MediaKick Review: The Witcher 2

MediaKick: "Once upon a time, there was a genre of games known as role-playing games (RPG). They consisted of fantastical Japanese dream worlds and Medieval Western adventures, among others. As the years went on, the genre started becoming somewhat stale. The Japanese development culture diminished rapidly due to a lack of quality and its inability to keep up with modern times, whilst the West started to become more streamlined,but as a result seemingly dumbed down. Then, in 2007, a European developer with a low budget breathed some new life into the genre with its fantastic hardcore RPG, The Witcher. A callback to older times, a mix of well implemented modern mechanics that keep true to the genre’s hardcore roots meant it was loved by most who played it. Alas, due in part to its small budget, The Witcher wasn’t perfect, with a few bumps and niggle. Fast forward to four years and developer CD Projekt RED is back with a sequel. Sporting a bolstered budget and shiny new coat, amidst a myriad of new gameplay mechanics and general improvements, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings aims to be the defining hardcore RPG of this generation."

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