BLACK is the Call of Duty Answer EA Needs

PCN: "You know there is a little friendly competition going around here in the gaming industry. Okay I lied a little, EA actually wants Call of Duty dead or in their hands. Yes the leading shooter (on consoles at least) is finally starting to heat up some competition. To take back control and win over shooter fans EA has made the weapon of choice to be Battlefield. However, EA doesn’t realize they actually have way more suitable titles under their belt to take that shot."

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lalalala2717d ago

By far my favorite shooter on PS2, but it was very difficult, especially the last level. It took me 2 hours to finally beat, but I died so many times.

Pintheshadows2717d ago

That last room was insanely hard. Excellent game overall. It looked fantastic for a PS2 game.

lil Titan2717d ago

i dont think anyone can say anything bad about the game but for the developers on the other hand who are creating bodycount which maybe a good game i just dont understand WHY NOT make Black 2? the people want Black 2

Ducky2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

^ I think they're making BodyCount because they don't have hold of the 'BLACK' IP. (They're not working under EA anymore)

Black received decent reviews, and I think EA is trying to play things safe by going with the known franchises. With Criterion focused on the NFS/Burnout series, there really isn't anyone to keep Black going.

BattleAxe2717d ago

I'd love to see Black as a download title on the PSN.

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Jamzluminati2717d ago

black lulz

-We are watching

AEtherbane2717d ago

I agree, there are no black people in COD games.

scofios2717d ago

Black was the first fps game that wasn't set in ww2 but in a modern warfare .

Ducky2717d ago

... What about Battlefield 2?

CaptCalvin2717d ago

battlefield 2, socom, rainbow 6, razor unit, etc, etc

red2tango2717d ago

it's called Socom budddddddy

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gaffyh2717d ago

Maybe EA could give Black to Insomniac?

limewax2717d ago

Meh, Dont get me wrong I like both games, Playing crysis 2 again at the moment actually, But Crytek waste resources in showing off with the engine, Lots of things on screen all at once and it looks great! But DICE use the resources better, they work it into the gameplay more, I would rather see it given to DICE

SilentNegotiator2717d ago

How about just letting Criterion make the sequel to their excellent game? Their games have been pretty consistently great over the past decade.

gaffyh2717d ago

True, but they seem like they're making Burnout Crash. Every time people ask for Black 2, they just don't seem to listen.

Breadisgood2717d ago

Wouldn't be surprised if Respawn were making it. :P

gaffyh2717d ago

That would be AWESOME, they know how to make a game fun.

Istanbull2717d ago

I think Black has still the most amazing sound of weapons, bullets or grenade explosions after Bad Company 2, the sound really gave the game a special feeling.

ainsz2717d ago

Also, just the little details, like the screen blurring when you reloaded. Was such an awesome and intense game! My favourite FPS after MOH: Frontline

Inside_out2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

ANYBODY that has played Criterion's fps Black KNOWS MW2 robbed those blind. There is so many similarities between the two.

None of that matters as EA ruined that franchise and broke up the team that made the game.

Fast forward to today and Bodycount( ) is being called the spiritual successor to Black as one of the creative leads on Black, Stuart Black, help developed the title. He left in October 2010 to head up another FPS using Cry3 as it's game engine...expect big things from that title. Bodycount is out in late August.

Black came out in 2005 at the end of the last gen. Unfortunately, it didn't have a multi-player but if you have an xbox 360 ( came out on PS2/xbox 1 ), it's backwards compatible and of course FREE backwards compatible on 360. I believe it's also available to download off of XBL.

I thought Black was a breakthrough game with incredible graphics for the time. The game used Criterion's own engine that had powered the Burnout series and was sold as middleware for a host of games like Battlefield 2 and Crackdown among others.

For those that missed it, it still presents a lot of fun and the soundtrack and in game sound effects is second to none. Here's a peak at some of the action...

One of my favorite title's EVER and one of the most over look title's as well.

Tyre2717d ago

@Inside_out, I agree completely. I still play BLACK from time to time and i must say some levels/intensity are still better than MW 1&2. Stuart Black was way ahead of his time...he practically invented the FPS MW genre with the gameplay mechanics like they are in the CoD MW series. The CoD Black Ops story also stole from BLACK, like being interrogated and playing the flashbacks of ur Black Ops missions to find out what happend etc. BLACK is also one of my favorite FPS titles ever.

PRHB HYBRiiD2717d ago

aww black ...i finished the game so many 6 or 7 even on black ops difficulty that was imo the best sounding game last gen plus its was fun to play and graphics were beautiful ...i knew everything about the damm game , black 2 would be awesome with the new frostbite 2 engine or cry engine 3 or unreal engine :D

kornbeaner2717d ago

Black was a pretty good game, but it had a major gameplay flaw. NO JUMP BUTTON, WTF was that all about? I remember being super frustrated that something so standard was left out of a game where a jump button could save countless seconds and tries by being able to jump over object opposed to walking around them. I wouldn't mind seeing a part 2 though given that I love Criterion games as a developer, but I hope they add a jump button this time.

xabmol2717d ago

I automatically deduct a point from any game without a jump button!

news4geeks2717d ago

Killzone2 was pretty much Black2. From level design to weapons to death animations it was all taken from Black.

MinusTheBear2717d ago

Or maybe it was taken from Killzone 1

PRHB HYBRiiD2717d ago

it just has a similar art style...both games are completely different.

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