Nintendo reports hack attack

Hackers breach Nintendo server, two months after Sony attack

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shikamaroooo3671d ago

Is this the work of lulzsec

Surfaced3671d ago

Okay. And what justification do they claim to have this time?

gamingdroid3671d ago

The question is who fist?

However, the answer is most likely money.

WooHooAlex3671d ago

Ugh, this is getting annoying.

Nodoze3671d ago

Strange how MS has not been hacked.

Fishy Fingers3671d ago

Give it time. Although you'd expect them to have the best security, being a software company.

iamnsuperman3671d ago

Well they could be Xbox fanboys...

but really Microsoft is the next logical step

Oner3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

Sorry Fishy but I disagree, I said this yesterday when this first broke ~

"On a side note ~ since Microsoft is probably the worst example of a company to use as having "perfectly secure software" why/how could people somehow believe the Xbox brand would be any different...

Oh that's right, you can't, because it isn't."

It should just be a matter of time for them to be affected as well. And as childish as it may seem to say, then wouldn't that make the hackers M$ fanboys because they aren't going after ALL "big name oppressive conglomerate corporations" as they claim to be?

crimsontower3671d ago

I was just thinking that Nodoze. I guess they are afraid of MS.

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The story is too old to be commented.