Dark Souls First Look Preview | TPV

The spiritual sequel to Demons Souls, the action RPG Dark Souls is set in a rich, dark fantasy universe. Intense action within the dungeons, encounters with terrifying enemies and innovative online features combine for a unique gaming experience.

Dark Souls’ world breaks down barriers with a fluid design encourages exploration and promotes an adaptation experience. At a time when the players come face to face with terrifying enemies and find new areas, the infallible system and reward challenge takes possession of everything to offer a sense of achievement without equal.

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Hellsvacancy2695d ago

Coooooooool, i miss DS, after get the platinum i shelved it, awesome AWESOME game

Jonmau52695d ago

I'm looking forward to trying it, I had not heard about it until this TPV writer covered it. I have heard it is fairly 'Hardcore' and brutal though?

SpaceSquirrel2695d ago

It's not really brutal, it's just that you will die a lot, especially in the beginning.

Focker4202694d ago


I highly suggest picking it up soon before the servers go down at the end of the year. One of the best parts was the online interaction with the messages and phantoms (co-op & PvP).

The game isn't too difficult, it just takes time to learn from your mistakes and how to adapt to each one of the different enemies/bosses.

The hardest part is if you get black soul and world tendency (basically a hard difficulty setting) and the red phantoms start appearing, anyone that thinks the red phantoms are easy is a complete liar. One to two wacks and you're dead.

ThichQuangDuck2694d ago

Closest thing to Shadow of Colossus on 360 so I am definitely interested

Jonmau52694d ago

I have heard a LOT about Shadow Of Colossus but never had the chance to play it, what is it like?

ThichQuangDuck2694d ago

Shadow of Colossus is partially indescribable. I will try, it is all boss fights about 17 I think. Each colossi has weak spots and you have to ride your horse and use the sun to find them. Each Colossi is so different from each other which makes defeating each one so rewarding. I never liked zelda as a kid loved watching people play it but didn't think the gameplay was all that fun. Shadow of Colossus blew me away to the point that Last guardian and shadow of colossus remake finally come out I will buy a PS3.