IGN - E3 2011: SSX Gets Tricky

IGN Says: We've had the chance to play SSX before, and the developers have shown off their studio and what's going into the game. But finally we can show you some actual gameplay footage from SSX, complete with over the top tricks.

Trick It is one of three game modes in SSX, requiring you to perform insane aerial stunts to earn points. While SSX is a more realistic looking snowboarding game this time around, fans of the series will be pleased to know that the over the top arcadey feel of the tricks are still a huge part of the game.

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Wizziokid2691d ago

looks ok, not sure If I like the new style as much as the old but time will tell.

kza2691d ago

Looks good imo day 1 buy for sure!!

Elwenil2691d ago

Eh, the new style kills it for me. SSX was awesome but SSX Tricky was even better with it's over the top style and almost arcade pinball style courses. SSX3 was a step in the wrong direction and lost the feel of the originals. This one is stepping even farther away looking more like snowboarding in Uncharted 2's snow regions. I also think the ripple effect when you land in the new one is ridiculous and unnecessary. The game looks great, just not what SSX is all about in my opinion. Bring back the old cartoony style and colorful courses and I'd buy this but as it stands, I'll just keep playing my Tricky when I get the urge to play SSX.

FunAndGun2691d ago

OMG, that looks so boring for a SSX game!!!

lil Titan2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

SO GLAD they didnt got with realism for this game, now all EA needs to do is fix NBA Street series and i can have my childhood back or just port NBA Street Vol. 2

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