Kinect only £80 in UK, €109.99 in Germany: E3 price drop imminent?

Amazon is discounting Kinect in almost every store. This could indicate that Microsoft will announce a Kinect price drop at their E3 conference on Monday and the Amazon stores have just updated their price ahead of the rest.

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Wizziokid2692d ago

all i need now is a bigger bedroom, shame, would like to have seen these 'hardcore' titles and played them, damn my small bedroom!

shikamaroooo2692d ago

I wonder if their releasing a new kinect didn't cliffy b say that kinect might become a yearly thing like the I pod

Max_Dissatisfaction2692d ago

You sure do like Kinect don't you?

shikamaroooo2692d ago

about kinect being yearly it was actually someones comment my bad

Rainstorm812692d ago

that would be the worst thing to happen in gaming in quite sometime........and it would herald MS full abandonment of the core crowd

Rainstorm812692d ago

Thank goodness the LAST thing we need is a yearly redesign of Kinect

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Pedobear Rocks2692d ago

Well...I picked up the 4GB Kinect Bundle for 179 a few weeks back and the 4GB on its own keeps dropping to 99 (again this weekend) so I'd say a drop from 150 to 100 or even 79.99 isn't out of the question.

jay22692d ago

Still £50 over priced.

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