NGR: inFAMOUS 2 preview (first impressions of demo)

With return of PlayStation store some nice surprises were waiting for the PS3 gamers. One of the surprises waiting for you if you haven’t noticed yet is inFAMOUS 2 demo. The game that follows the story of Cole MacGrath or at least somebody called Cole MacGrath.

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JBaby3432695d ago

I downloaded and played the demo and really liked it. It will take some getting used to as it's different from the first inFamous kind of like getting used to TFU II after loving TFU but needless to say I can't wait for Tuesday.

My main gripe is that he seems to shoot lightning balls instead of lightning bolts. Anyone else notice that or get bothered by it?

kane_13712695d ago

yes, if you are hero it is more like balls. and you can just shoot nonstop.
but evil changes the things.

forevercloud30002695d ago

Yea, can't say Im a fan of the lightning ball blast instead of the constant stream but I think I get the logic behind it....

Good Cole
-Shoots light balls because its a more concentrated attack. Less worry of someone crossing the stream and getting hit.
-Grenades are all sticky so the blast radius is definitive to who u want.
-Rocket makes things float

Evil Cole
-Shoots a stream-ish blast because he doesn't care
-Grenades bounce and splinter into several explosive shards.
-Rocket does this wierd splitting thing where it makes a line that just smashes everything.

GOODKyle2695d ago

Wait till you guys get the scythe blast. That thing is so badass.

kane_13712694d ago

you explained it prefectly.