Fable III Dev Lobs a Few Word Bombs at the Haters

By most accounts, including Susan Arendt's, Fable III was no masterpiece. It was good, sure, the game had some great features while others that were just annoying. Both the critical and commercial reception to the game was a collective, "Meh." True to the shining example of Lionhead Studio's fearless leader - Peter Molyneux - lead combat designer Mike West had some choice words for those who didn't like his game, while talking about what PC gamers can expect with the port that is available today.

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Godmars2902697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

meh, get Molyneux to stop talking about non-existent features and experiences and that's half if not two thirds of complaints ended right there.

Yi-Long2697d ago

... but instead of focussing on useless 'gimmicks' like a dog and holding hands and that kinda stuff...

... they should focus on challenging fun gameplay and a great deep long story.

They've made the newer games much too easy, which might be 'nice' for reeling in a new 'casual' audience, but is just boring for many gamers who want to have a challenge when they play a game.

Just fix the gameplay!

BeOneWithTheGun2696d ago

@Yi-Long: Very well said. That is exactly the issue I have Fable 3. The first was so engrossing and I could not put it down. On this latest installment, I was so bored that after 4 hours I couldn't play anymore. A fricking Muppet could play it without issue.

gamingdroid2696d ago

I actually liked the dog and I think they did some research, and that was a big thing emotionally.

SilentNegotiator2696d ago

The other half or third being how they've been dumbing things.

As Yi-Long said, they need to stop worrying about gimmicks and improve on gameplay.

scotchmouth2696d ago

Typically when people speak negatively about Peter Molyneux it is justified.

Godmars290 summed it up rather well

radphil2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

""This is definitely the best Fable PC - it's much better than Fable 1," West said."

This statement just disturbed me... considering he's lead combat designer Mike West. -_-

wallis2696d ago

Out of all the stupid that was leaving his mouth it was that sentence that angered me the most.

cliffbo2696d ago

peter molyneux has been talking shit all his life he aint going to change now.

TreMillz2696d ago

Pfft! Get real dude. Your game is ok at best, Combat is mediocre, your ceo says anything that comes to his mind the milisecond it gets there, just make a damn better game and hush.

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The story is too old to be commented.