Hiphop Gamer Responds

Insomniac is getting prepared for a huge reveal in the coming days, the game is going to be amazing as usual but will history repeat itself in the face off between HipHopGamer and Insomniac Games.

Check out the video and you will be surprised by the proof that HipHopGamer reveals regarding past negative accusations.

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snipermk03670d ago

Uh, not this guy again. Even a partially educated dyslexic monkey can put out better quality content than this poor excuse of a homosapien.

RedDead3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

So you bring the race war into this HHG? lol

Nah really you were right HHG, but you shouldn't have said "prepared and ready to shock us" You know how you overhype or over exaggerate stuff? Well this is one of them. And you know what Insomniac meant? They meant you exaggerated the info. Which you did, they were not prepared.

Also "Xbox live to recieve FF7 and FF8". How did that work out

Nitrowolf23670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

I think what they meant with the exageration is the fact that this was before E3 last year and you made it sound like they were ready to show it off at the show.

This was before E3 2010

"Insomniac is PREPARED AND READY to..."

That right there is prob. what they meant. Cause did they show it off last E3?


So saying something is ready and prepared to be shown off only to be put off nearly a year is not exaggerating?

Pedantic913670d ago

No offense but, you come off as slightly immature with this...."vidicle" just to tell off these "accusators".

If you're truly confident about youself and believe you're right about most things, then why in Gods green Earth would you care about the ones disagreeing with you ?

JasonW19723670d ago

While trying to prove you were right about something, you use an old story where you had been proven wrong again: "Xbox live to receive FF7 and FF8." Oh the irony.

Where's the post about Ted Price speaking at E3 2010? Or Kojima appearing at Sony's press conference in 2011? You're wrong an awful lot. Getting 50% of your stories right isn't journalism. It's educated guess work.

Instead of looking like a bigger fool, next time post a retraction and an apology. That's what an actual journalist would have done.