Yakuza Of the End Commercial

Sega has released latest commercial for Yakuza Of the End

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FacelessGod2745d ago

I really hope that this comes to the US, but I have a feeling I'm going to be importing.

zackacloud2745d ago

just choise:

waiting for a year or importing ???

It all in ur hand Mr.andersen<

dc12745d ago

This ^_^

I cant get enough of Yakuza!

SaiyanFury2745d ago

HAHA Gohda Ryuuji with a chaingun on his arm! What more reason do you need to buy the game? If they bring it, and I'm sure they will. SEGA even said based on sales of Yakuza 4, they might think about bringing Kenzan! over here too.

Dagobert2745d ago

I want a Yakuza 1 and 2 remake. Yakuza 3 was good except for the ending which wasn't bad, not gonna spoil it for others but if you don't want someone to die and they're going to kill themselves, aren't you gonna stop them rather than taking their name every damn 10 seconds?

Yakuza 4 was great but the storyline was weird, and having to play as 4 characters kinda sucked. Also again, the ending was a little corny and wtf was the shit with Daigo? Still a good game but Yakuza 1 and 2 were by far the best ones in the series. So I really wanna see a remake of them and not just an HD port, or make Yakuza 5 and get the original writer of the first 2 games to write the plot.