Sakaguchi: 360's star is rising in Japan

With his company, Mistwalker, getting ready to release its second Xbox 360 exclusive RPG, Lost Odyssey, Hironobu Sakaguchi has claimed Microsoft has a big opportunity to generate serious hardware sales in Japan this Christmas.

Speaking exclusively in the latest edition of Edge magazine, Sakaguchi said Japanese gamers are taking their time warming to next-gen formats.

"Consoles like the 360 and PS3 have still to make a breakthrough in terms of sales [in Japan], and the market is very much about Nintendo," Blue Dragon's creator, Sakaguchi, told the magazine.

"The PS3 and Xbox 360 are clearly lacking titles to appeal to the Japanese gamer, but this is about to change, and the Xbox 360 in particular has an opportunity to prove itself at the end of the year. Its line-up is the best Microsoft has ever had in Japan."

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RadientFlux4870d ago

"Its line-up is the best Microsoft has ever had in Japan."

I agree with that statement then again it wouldn't be that difficult to do.

Personally I don't really care how well x360 does in Japan since the major reason a bought the xbox and the x360 was for it's western developed games.

ruibing4870d ago

I care more about Japanese games than western ones, so I'm excited about 2008. The first two big epic RPGs will be between PS3's White Knight Story (which is due out December 2007 actually) from Level 5 and 360's Lost Odyssey. The next one should be between Infinite Discovery and Final Fantasy XIII.

I bought a PS3 for Japanese RPGs (since as much as I liked Jade Empire, Neverwinter Night, and those other western ones, they just couldn't match the flavor Japanese ones had), so I am really looking forward to the RPG titles coming to the PS3. I just hope their North America release will come soon after their Japanese one, especially for White Knight Story, Disgaea 3, and hopefully Star Ocean 4.

XxZxX4870d ago

they just fell back to3k weekly sales, how is that rising.

ericnellie4870d ago

I love Sakaguchi and his games to death but, he's smoking something. Loved Blue Dragon and will surely pick up Lost Odyssey;)

wageslave4870d ago

It doesnt really matter. Japan isnt really buying the PS3 or the Xbox 360 in great numbers.

Here is a couple interesting facts:
America is the largest Game Market, Japan is second.

People constantly say "Xbox 360 is doing poorly in Japan".

But, the PS3 is selling less than 3:1 in Japan against Xbox 360.

While, in America (the largest market)
The Xbox 360 is outselling the PS3 by over 4:1.

Anyone who bothers to say "Xbox 360 needs to do better in Japan", or "Xbox 360 will fail becuase of Japan" or "Japan hates Xbox 360" are totally off-base.

If _anything_ is true (in that regard) the Playstation 3 will fail because it is being VASTLY outsold in the far larger market.

Or, put another way, "The Playstation will fail because of America" which is more true than "The Xbox 360 will fail because of Japan".

Its elementary business economics.

CrazzyMan4870d ago

DoA 4

and what will x360 have without japan support? =)
FPS and action games? =)) with some sport? =)

p.s. and if ps3 would get in first year doa4, BD, LP, DR, and then EA and LO it would already sell mln. in japan, they just don`t like crap hardware, that`s why x360 fail.

XxZxX4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

wageslave, apply the concept on orignal xbox. Failed Japan will lead to failed America. Get that?

Last time i checked, developers called Japan the holy grail of gaming but not US.

FF7numba14869d ago

I think Europe and japan are way bigger than NA. Europe+Japan mean way more than USA.
Theres a good amount of North americans who alot of junk thats 1 of the reasons why 360 is even selling. I mean most of the 360 buyers are xbots. They owned the previous xbox.

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Spike474870d ago

halo3 and the elite was ther peak, and it d'nt outsell the ps3.

yeah some titles are coming, but the only n that could en spark a lil bit of sales is lost odyessy.

THE_JUDGE4870d ago

I could live where he does. Indenial, Japan. Must be a nice place.

titntin4870d ago

I think his view is overly optomistic - not much of a suprise and he's currently earning his cash from Microsoft.
Still, lost odessy should be an OK title, but Its not gonna turn 360's fortunes around.
I far prefer the quirky output of the Jap studios to the churned out stuff of the west, so I'd prefer it if the 360 did generate a bit more support over there. No one has ever won the hardwrae wars with the US alone, and that's why MS has been so desperate to get the Japs onside... its a losing battle though, and by far the itles that excite me most ove rht enext year are all PS3.. Good job I got both! :)

Marceles4870d ago

Yeah I agree with everything, it'll probably sell as much as Trusty Bell and Blue Dragon, but the Japanese won't do a total 180 toward the 360 just yet (no pun intended).

Good job on the PSP stuff btw titntin...

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