Picking Sides In The HD Format War

A cautious consumer hits the trenches in the Format War. Lives to tell the tale.

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cloud360-7th_account4875d ago

HD DVD is a thing of the Past

Man thats dead and made consumers. Suffers. Lets not try to remember it

ruibing4875d ago

The faster BD can completely dominate the format wars, the lighter the losses will be for ill informed consumers who buys a soon obsolete HD-DVD player. Sony just needs Warner Bros to join its exclusive camp and that will basically seal it.

squallsoft4875d ago

too bad he selected te losing contender

BluRay Disc FTW!

XxZxX4875d ago

be sure to check back the websites. Pretty soon he will start whining that disney movies, Fox movies like star wars not available in HD-DVD

Rooftrellen4875d ago

"be sure to check back the websites. Pretty soon he will start whining that disney movies, Fox movies like star wars not available in HD-DVD"

Not that anyone who supports bluray can really say that's a sign of HD DVD being dead. Every time I come to the tech section, I see Sony fanboys complaining about Paramount.

I say we complain about ALL of them! What gives Fox, Universal, Paramount, Sony, and Disney the right to tell me what format I should buy unless they give me the money for it?

I don't see why anyone would condone a company telling consumers what they want, and not letting the consumer choose what they want and let the loser just die.

cloud360-7th_account4875d ago

CLoud WIll kill LInk anyday by the way and thats a fact

Lightning Mr Bubbles4875d ago

just make dual format players, that's what all consumers should want.

cloud360-7th_account4875d ago

You are a nusiance. Anything u say wont be hear or counted.

I dont want you to be a PS fan go buy a 360. You know hen u say 360 is awesome e.t.c Your not funny and at the same time at a later pouint u praise the PS3

JasonPC360PS3Wii4875d ago

OMFG can't believe I just wrote that, oh well time to see if I can ski in hell.

IdontTakeSides4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

Nope there's only room for one format and it's Blu-Ray.. HD-DVD is not that much better than DVD I mean it's already encountered limitations ...

fury4875d ago

You shouldn't pick sides, I are agree, but you should also stop ranting one day about X360 and the other day about PS3. You're very b!tchy and moody, do you have your andropause?

Lionsguard4875d ago

Lightning has dual personality disorder.

PS3 Limps on and on4875d ago

But they need to match the prices of HD DVD players.

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EZCheez4875d ago

This guy doesn't support Sony buying out support for Blu-Ray, but makes absolutely no mention about the recent HD-DVD Paramount deal that played to the tune of $150 million.

actionjackson4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

I completely agree. Although I have not chosen sides on this issue, this writer's metality is very strange. First of all, Sony is not the only Blu-Ray supporter. Neither are the studios. There are many technology companies that are stake holders in the Blu-Ray camp. So for him to argue solely agaisnt Sony seems a bit strange. Also, He claims "as a relatively conscientious consumer of technology, I simply cannot get onboard with that philosophy on winning people over through force." That's a bit weird because he bought the add-on for the X360, which would imply that he, at the very least, supports Microsoft product? That should be a fair assumption. Isn't MS's whole strategy, which is highly successful, based on brute force? Odd. I own both an X360 and a PS3, and again, I haven't yet bought into a format, but this guy's logic is a bit skewed.

blackmagic4875d ago

I think he is speaking of Sony's acquisition of MGM/Columbia/Tristar which effectively locks the studios into the blu-ray camp... Mind you, with the phrase 'conscientious consumer of technology' perhaps he is speaking of the trojan bundling of Blu-ray in the PS3.

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