Mass Effect 3 updates – details, logo tease, EA conference rehearsal

BioWare teases epic logo for Mass Effect 3, shares new details, and releases a photo from EA's E3 conference rehearsal.

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femshep3999d ago

so by the sound of it there still stremlining it......hopefully E3 demo will show otherwise

NYC_Gamer3999d ago

this is bioware last chance with me

just_looken3999d ago

agree with both of you ea hasn't changed much in my eye's.

Quagmire3999d ago

I do love me a good tease.

m233999d ago

I can't wait to see the demo for this game. ME2 is one of my favourite games, ever. This game looks like it will be even better, hopefully the rumoured Kinect functionality is something awesome, but I have faith in Bioware.

rabidpancakeburglar3999d ago

Not sure if I like the logo as much as the first 2 but I guess I'll see how it fits when I get the game.

BioRevenant3999d ago

Lulz, I guess I'm a noob. I prefer streamlined RPGs to over complicated ones. In turn, I am VERY excited for ME3.

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