PS3 fanboys start to turn on Insomniac

Gamer Sheep: "It should be a great day for gamers when a top-tier development studio talks about a new IP. Even if that new game is for more than one console. God forbid ever game not be an exclusive.

Well, here is a sampling of what happened on twitter when Insomniac talked about a new title they’re working on for both the Xbox 360 and the PS3."

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gamersheep2694d ago

I don't understand why anybody would be angry or upset that Insomniac is doing a multiplat game. Why wouldn't they?

NYC_Gamer2694d ago

some people buy in to foolish brand loyalty

Warprincess1162694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

It not foolish. Insomniac worked with sony for a long time so excuse some of us fans for being upset about this. Hopefully working mutiplatform won't affect them from making beautiful and good quality games.

Yi-Long2694d ago

... no need to understand them.

They've always been around, trolling and complaining, and they always will be.

All we can do is just shrug our shoulders and hope that one day they'll grow up. They won't though.

MintBerryCrunch2694d ago

im looking forward to the one that says 360 fanboys turn on Bungie

its like a cycle....bound to happen

LOGICWINS2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

@Warprincess116- The fact that four people agreed with you is astonishing to me. If the people complaining were TRUE Insomniac fans, they would congratulate them for opening up their games to a wider audience and reaching a new level of popularity and commercial success.

All I see is a bunch of immature children who are angry because they're no longer the only kid on the block with a new scooter.

-Alpha2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )


Why would making a multiplat title affect them? There are tons of multiplatform games that are better than exclusives. Being exclusive doesn't make a game automatically superior.

People are jealous. Same thing happened when the MGS collection got announced for the Xbox. Insomniac are not bound by some jealous fans who'd rather pigeonhole them to a console out of spite. Insomniac will do what's best for Insomniac.

Personally, I never thought Resistance was their greatest work this gen, and I'm really hoping they go back to their light-hearted, fantasy roots. They were much more creative with Spyro and Ratchet

Nitrowolf22694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

@ Alpha

I want them to go back to their roots aswell. Resistance is great and all, but i think we need more platforming from Insomniac and outside of Resistance(Its a FPS)/Ratchet and clank.
Wish Sony or Insomniac owned Spyro. May god how far it went downhill.

And as Logic said. if your a Fan of Insomniac then this shouldn't bother you at all. I'm sorry WarPrincess but your just upset that they are Multiplat now, you haven't even seen the game yet, so if you were a true fan you'd wait.

thats_just_prime2694d ago

insomniac stated a long time ago that they would start doin multi plat games. This shouldnt be a shock to anyone that keeps up on gaming

SoapShoes2694d ago

@Alpha... It really isn't related to how many platforms they develop on but their quality could be effected by juggling so many projects at once.

Chug2694d ago

I like waffles. They're way better than pancakes.

-Alpha2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )


Insomniac have put out SEVEN titles in this generation alone, and all those games have had consistently high ratings. I think that they can juggle just fine

The Xbox on top of that is easier to develop for, so I don't see why PS fans should complain that the Xbox will bring it down when in many cases devs struggle more with the PS3 anyway. You don't ever hear people say that the PS3's complicated architecture brings the 360 counterparts.

Insomniac is experienced, matured, and ready to leave their comfort zone. I applaud them for it and think that working on the Xbox for the first time will be easier than if they were to work on the PS3 for the first time

SoapShoes2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

@Alpha - One would argue that their yearly releases has made their quality suffer compared to what it could be. We'll just see about that when Resistance 3 comes out since they have spent more time on that game. Insomniac has stated they will not drop Ratchet or Resistance so that's three ips they will be working on simultaneously instead of two.

Xbox may be easier to develop for but Insomniac has no experience with that platform, only the PS3. So to them it's probably the same to understand, as something(like the PS3) is only hard if you do not understand it in which they have pretty much already mastered. I see it like math. You only find it hard until you understand it, then it's easy.

*Edit* I'm in no way saying they shouldn't develop on it because they don't have experience, nor am I saying I don't want them to go multiplatform. I'm just saying your theory on the 360 being easier(for most devs) to work on to be a null point in why it would make juggling three ips not so hard.

GrandTheftZamboni2694d ago

I agree with WarPrincess. Let's hope that going multiplat doesn't affect the quality of graphics like it did for Game Republic games. Genji: Days of the Blade and Folklore looked better than Majin and Knights Contract.

morganfell2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

The need for parity on platforms is a marketing decision. Make the two versions as close as possible so as not to offend any one group.

This did not happen last gen but it has ruined far too many games this time around.

Any time you strive for platform parity the gamers on one platform - which ever one has superior hardware - lose. One version will be dumbed down to the level of the other.

That isn't fanboyism, rather it is an honest look at how marketing and multiplatform gaming prevent the evolution that is possible on a dedicated platform.

And why is it expected that fans, the ones that paid salaries of developers and publishers and kept the lights on must be loyal when companies are not?

-Alpha2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )


They also could have done a lot worse-- the point is that by working as much as they have, they've managed well.

Having no experience on a console shouldn't stop them from making a game on it, and I think that people are just making excuses to put down the fact that they are developing for the 360


Superiority of a console can be understood both ways: A game could just as well dropped PS3 support and worked solely on the 360 to maximize the potential of a title. I don't see anything that Insomniac did on the PS3 that couldn't be done equally or as good on the 360. I'm sure their game will manage just fine

radphil2694d ago

"Xbox may be easier to develop for but Insomniac has no experience with that platform, only the PS3."

That doesn't mean they'll be lazy at it. Any company given with the dedication can work well at it. Look at the state of how Valve moved on making games for PC to 360 to PS3.

gaden_malak2694d ago

"It not foolish. Insomniac worked with sony for a long time so excuse some of us fans for being upset about this."

It's very foolish. I *MIGHT* understand if they went exclusive to 360, but you're still getting the game.

Redgehammer2694d ago

If a 360 fan turns on Bungie, then they were never a true fan.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2694d ago

Hardly. Some people just dont understand brand loyalty. Once a game has spent most of it's life on a single console it both defines and has been defined by that console. It becomes synonomous with that consoles name thus making it a part of it's identity. By making it go multiplat you in a way pervert it's identity. I like Vakyria chronicles but I'd never play it on any console but a playstation console. I like Halo but I'd never play it on anything but an xbox. It just wouldnt feel right.

I think Insomniac made a good decision though. They wanted to go multiplat (which perverted their identity as a Sony studio) but at least they didnt port a pre existing IP (not that they could). This is a new IP with a new identity. One things certain though. Insomniac will never be the same after this. Especially once MS starts paying for exclusive content (and you know they will). That'll totally alienate their PS fanbase. I think that's what most people are afraid of.

NukaCola2694d ago

Think about like this: Maybe if 360 gamers really enjoy the game, it will encourage them to buy a PS3 and enjoy all of Insomniac's awesome titles.

captain-obvious2694d ago

fanboys are the plague of this industry
they are the #1 reason why gaming is going from good to bad

look at my bubbles count its gone down because i tell it as i see it
MS and Sony fanboys just cant take it

kikizoo2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

"some people buy in to foolish brand loyalty "

yeah, like gamersheep and others dumb xfanboyz, celebrating when a game is becoming "multiplatform" :) (remember the ridiculous E3 with final fantasy ?)

the more important is who has the best games globaly, i don't care if some old games exclusives for one or other brand, start to be multiplatforms.

"I don't see anything that Insomniac did on the PS3 that couldn't be done equally or as good on the 360"

yeah sure, show me the ratchet and clank graphics on 360, show me the huge boss of resistance, the 64 players online, etc...

gaffyh2694d ago

As long as they keep the quality, I don't care that they're multiplat. I love Resistance and Ratchet, and I hope that their next IP is completely different.

b_one2694d ago

its not always brand loyalty, if they can give me that quality in muliplatform title then im fine, if not, sorry i dont want to see blurs everywhere

ZombieAssassin2694d ago

They worked with Sony for 15 years giving their fans a ton of it's time for some pay back. Give IG some support on their decision, as long as it's a good game it shouldn't matter how many platforms it's on.

I'm one of the people who have been playing IG games since the first Spyro and have played everyone since then and each one I have enjoyed each and every one of them. I don't even get why people are mad or upset they have said many times that they are still working with Sony on games also on FaceBook they said that HHG just made that stuff about MS and them up.

Saladfax2694d ago

This whole thing is horribly indicative of the way people worship the multi-billion dollar corporations who happen to produce gaming machines rather than the people who actually make the software.

There is absolutely no good reason why Insomniac shouldn't be encouraged to try and get their *high quality* work out to as large an audience as possible.

Now, yes, there is a concern that quality can fall off, but if you trust in the talent and dedication of a solid team like Insomniac, then, once again, there's not a darn thing to worry about.

Be fans of games, not of plastic bricks.

OneSneakyMofo2694d ago

The only downside to Insomniac going multiplat is that they stretch their resources out. When a developer exclusively makes a game, they are focusing all their resources into one console. That's why Uncharted 2, Killzone 3, and God of War 3 look the way they do.

gamingdroid2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Wow! A lot of discussion about nothing... how about everyone calm down and JUDGE THE GAME WHEN IT COMES OUT!!! You know, when you have seen the game, tried it and experienced it.

Contrary to belief, plenty of multi-platform games are very well received... just a thought!

BeOneWithTheGun2694d ago

@Warprincess: And that is exactly the only time it should be bothersome...if the game lacked due to resources spreading across two platforms.

I love Insomniac. I hope people who only have a 360 get to see how great of a development team they really are.

BTW, the shoe goes on the other foot, too. For those who only have a PS3, you are missing out on games like Gears. This is why I own a 360. Gears and Halo.

Anon19742693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Did you check out these guys though? With the exception of the last guy, the other two are professional trolls. Have a look at their twitter feeds. When they're not throwing around the n-word, they're complaining about EVERYTHING. From games to sunglass trends, all they seem to do is bitch on every post about something.

Way to write an article about a couple of nitwits spouting off on twitter - but I guess when it's bashing Sony and Sony fans, games sites just can't help themselves. I mean forget about the thousands of tweets that are supportive, here's a couple that aren't! That's news! Send it to N4G! They'll approve anything.

Report this crap.

Anarki2693d ago

Yeah like loyalty to your favourite football team? why do people buy brands for?

pixelsword2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Insomniac will likely do well, and I hope they do a better job proving that the 360 and PS3 are equal in terms of power than what Ninja Theory did; because Odyssey fell flat on it's face in terms of graphics, scale, scope, and all-around quality.

For their second game to take such a backwards step from the first... I dunno. I just expected more, and I'll probably do the same for Insomniac's and Kojima's, er, or whomever is doing Rising.

ShottySnipa4172693d ago

Then CoD should look PHOTOREALISTIC with the sales that the overhyped franchise gets. I'm pretty sure Infinity Ward, Treyarch and the rest of Activision wouldn't have problems spreading "resources" out.

HardCover2693d ago

Oh EXCUSE YOU huh Warprincess116?

You should excuse yourself. Insomniac has been a fantastic partner of Sony's, and now they're finally ready to be a little more flexible.

If you really like the devs, then let them expand. Jerk.

death2smoochie2693d ago


"Any time you strive for platform parity the gamers on one platform - which ever one has superior hardware - lose. One version will be dumbed down to the level of the other."

"This did not happen last gen but it has ruined far too many games this time around."

You mention how this NEVER happened last generation? You sure about that? ;-)
We all know you work for Sony, which is fine, however you need some clarification here:

Almost ALL multi-Platform games last generation should have looked MILES and above superior on the Xbox1 format than the PS2, however AS you stated in your post, game developers focused for parity. The Xbox1 had more memory and a dedicated GPU that was pixel/vertex programmable. The PS2 did not have this in hardware.
The PS2 also lacked ANY support for Anti-Aliasing. None at all.
The PS2 had less bandwidth overall by leaps and bounds.
It was far weaker than the Xbox1, YET multi-platform games looked almost the same last generation. The Xbox1 was ALWAYS held back in multi-platform games because of the PS2.
So where are you getting your information from?

I could name NUMEROUS multi-platform games on the Xbox1 last generation that should have looked better but did not. So you need to take a step back with that comment you made as its very biased ;-)

As for TRUE games suffering with parity?
It's not the PS3 as it's power level is only slightly more advantageous than the Xbox360.
It's the PC this generation that has gotten the real shaft with these multi-Platform titles. Not the PS3. Not even close.

How many games have we seen released on the PC this generation that lacked full DX11 support that even $100 GPU's can run effectively in 1080p? Too many to count. Blame that on consoles.

No Tessellation? Blame that on consoles.

No MSSA in some PC games?

No high floating point HDR?

Lower resolution textures like the console counter parts do to its small bandwidth and small memory capacity?

Low frame rates LOCKED on the PC version of some games to keep it consistent with the console version low 30fps?

Limited graphic quality settings for the PC version so its inline with the console version?
Oh god I lost count how many PC games got that shaft because of the console versions.

I could go on and on and list those games which would fill a forum. One such game is Crysis 2.

The PS3, like the Xbox360 is 5+ years old. They are BOTH holding back gaming IMO.
When you look at games like BF3, you immediately know these consoles are holding back gaming.

Colmshan19902693d ago

As a Playstation only owner since I replaced my Mega Drive (Genesis to Americans) with the grey box, and a big Insomniac fan since the days of Spyro the Dragon, my first thought when I heard about the game is when's it out?
I don't particularly care about the fact it's multiplat. The only games where one version is inferior to the other is when the developers don't know how to program for one of the consoles well.
And I think Insomniac have already proven their skill with the PS3. If it was a 360 exclusive, I'd be annoyed. But as it is, I'll (most likely) be buying it.
I hope whatever it is comes out on NGP too though, because I really want to buy that.

BattleAxe2693d ago

I don't think most people are mad, I just think Gamersheep are trying to make a story where there really isn't one. This is one of the dumbest websites in gaming.

aj722693d ago

@LOGICWINS, as your name states, logic does win, and i thank you for bringing some to n4g.
Back on topic, i'm a TRUE insomniac fan, and cant wait to see the new game

Therealspy032693d ago

remember when all those sony fans threated to kill themselves or threatened violence when they announced FF 13 was multiplat? lol

thesummerofgeorge2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

I don't particularly care myself, but people seem to ignore the fact that there ARE benefits to games being designed for one console only. An exclusive game will have more potential to be the best game it can be than a multiplat, resources aren't spread as thin as a company that has to develop for several consoles, why is that so difficult to understand? It doesn't make you a fanboy for acknowledging that.

.... And I realize a game isn't better BECAUSE it's exclusive, just that it has more potential.

MaxXAttaxX2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

It's common knowledge that Insomniac was never a first party studio/owned by Sony.

- Resistance AND Ratchet & Clank(their greatest franchise IMO) are two awesome franchises that will never leave the PlayStation brand. So fans of these can relax.

- We don't even know how this new multiplatform game will be, how it looks, performs, plays nor do we even know its complexity to say that PS3 hardware exclusivity could've helped.
We can't say they game will be "dumbed down" because they're designing it with the Xbox 360 in mind from the beginning.
So to me, it really doesn't matter whether it's exclusive or not. We have zero attachment to that game.

- This article blew it out of proportion. They're trying to make a huge story out of nothing. You can't generalize over a hundred million people(PlayStation fans) from a few bad apples.


Please shut up. No one cares. Your rambling is pointless.
You're just jealous because the PS2 got all the support and the only argument you have is "graphics" which no one cared about because we were too busy playing all the games.
Haha :P

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LOGICWINS2694d ago

Psychos perhaps? Insomniac can do whatever the hell they want..they owe no one nothing.

ASTAROTH2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Its funny because if I said that I preffer them to dedicate all their time into making a better game to the PS3 exclusively I am immediately being called a fanboy. Ironically the ones calling me a fanboy are none other than the 360 trolls.

My response to the IMSOMNIAC news... AMAZING, I hope their new IP is something like an action RPG set in a colorfull fantasy work. A game to compete against Zelda. I dont want another FPS and I dont mind it being in the 360. As long as it end up being an amazing game like the ones IMSOMNIAC are familiar with Im sold.

Ohh and as long as they keep supporting gaming and dont became publicity tools . . . (you know like Kojima in his Pre E3 video) I dont care Bring on the greatness to the gamers IMSOMNIAC!!!!

Ohh and before I get the disagrees for calling Kojima a publicity tool. I dont really care about MGS coming to the 360. More gamers could enjoy. What bothers me is the way Kojima just spit in his fans face. They could have anounced it in a more respectfull way like its also coming to 360 and our future projects too. Not like he did... just my "fanboy" opinion...


Im I insulting them??? Did I said is fine to do that?? All what Im saying is thats is ironicall that a fanboy call another one a fanboy because they have different opinion. I said Im looking forward to IMSOMNIAC's new IP no mather if its a multiplatform game. The ones that called them half ass devs are now looking forwrd to them because of their multiplatform aproach, hypocrite much?? Maybe now that makes you sleep well...

LOGICWINS2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

"Its funny because if I said that I preffer them to dedicate all their time into making a better game to the PS3 exclusively I am immediately being called a fanboy."

Nope, no one here said that...but whatever helps you sleep at night. All I insisted was that if your insulting Insomniac just because they are no longer working exclusively on the PS3, then you have some severe mental issues. You didn't insult them...your just stating a preference. Thats fine in my book.

Btw, no one here called you a fanboy.

"Im I insulting them??? Did I said is fine to do that??"

Ur NOT insulting them...which is why I'm not calling you out. Re-read my comment.

unkn0wn2694d ago


your name does not fit your arguments. collectively, you sound worse than what you quoted from astaroth.

fuckoffodion2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

whatever. Games is coming out and it should be good.

EA better market them well.

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Nitrowolf22694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

IDK either.
Insomniac has two Exclusive franchises this gen for PS3 and they are some of the best ones out there. I can see where some would think that because they are going Mutliplat, that they would all of a sudden stop working on PS3 exclusive which is not true.

I say we wait for the game. Not that it should change anything but still.

Also they are Independent after all. I mean they have a good relationship with Sony but does that make them a sellout?

rob60212694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Having a developer not limited to the limitations of one console and instead the lowest common denominator of 2 is good enough reason for some to be upset. There's a sense that graphical fidelity and amount of content will be sacrificed.

jony_dols2694d ago Show
Breadisgood2694d ago

Almost every time a game on the PS3 gets "hindered" by being on the 360 as well, it's because 360 is the lead platform and the devs aren't great with the PS3 architecture.

Since Insominiac have been PS3 exclusive for ages and had plenty of experience I don't think there should be a problem. Their games have hardly been the most graphically impressive anyway.

showtimefolks2694d ago

i will still love to play their future games. NOW IF THEY MAKE A EXCLUSIVE XBOX GAME THAN I HAVE A REAL ISSUE.

as long as they remember their play station fanbase and not do anything foolish like releasing exclusive dlc for xbox360 or anything i am fine

its like bungie will do a multi-platform game than release the dlc for first 6 months exclusively for ps3 that wouldn't make sense. as much as its about money you still have to remember you original fanbase

can't wait for resistance 3 it looks and feels like half life

and ratchet now has co-op very good

disturbing_flame2694d ago

It was the same on Bioware forums when they announced that Mass effect was going on PS3.

Some of their fans literally insulted them.
Here i don't see any insult, and if you go on Insomniac forums, people are really supporting the studio.

I think your article has nothing really consistent to deal with. Just two persons on twitter, i guess you can find some fanboys with the same feeling talking on twitter with Bungie after the studio announced they will not make game on 360 exclusively.

Aarix2693d ago

I would understand cause that would be like losing uncharted for playstation owners. But Insomiac isnt making any exclusives mp their making games from scratch into mp.

DigitalAnalog2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

I have never seen more immature tweets with this caliber. Don't they even realize that R3 is still an exclusive?

That, or some really bad trolls really want to f*ck up someone's day just for the heck of it. And quite frankly, I'm all out for this one. Either way, this doesn't bode well for many of the PS3 fans who are already portrayed in the negative light, not to mention the power of 'anonymity' on the internet that results in situations like this.

-End statement

colonel1792694d ago

I think that developers supporting too much the Xbox this gen is going to bite them in the ass. It is not like the PS2 era where it was the most successful console by a considerable margin. This gen the PS3, 360 and Wii are very much close to each other (the Wii has sold more, but has a different demographic) and developers have been trying too hard to pretend the 360 is as successful as the PS2 when it is not. They think that by supporting the 360 they will get as much money as they used to get by making games on the PS2, where actually, the PS3 has a better attached rate for more companied than the 360.

My guess is that developers will realize this next gen. Project Cafe is about to be unveiled and Sony and MS will follow in the next year or two, which will give the developers the opportunity to decide on which consoles really to support.

They really need to quit being hypocrites by saying they support all consoles and that all games look the same when they know is not true. It would be better for them to support only the console they are going to do the best job at and release a quality game for one console, instead a shitty port on all of them.

Just look at Square Enix: they were supporting Nintendo and jumped ship to Sony because they wanted to make better games, then they jumped ship to MS because they wanted money (instead of doing quality games), and has it paid off? I don't think so. They lost fans, they have only released ONE game in FIVE years on the PS3, and all the games this gen have been average.

Hopefully, next gen is the vindication of all bad things that happened to gaming.

Redgehammer2694d ago

And who, or what, deserves the vindication? Also are you trying to imply the 360 is not successful? Rather than just picking one platform, wouldn't it be better to have dedicated teams working to make each version the best it can be?

pain777pas2694d ago

They are going to make more money. They want to remain apart of the Sony family but they have to remain profitable. Who knows what their new game is. I hope it isn't a shooter. I hope they introduce a new character in third person view with a sword rather than a gun. Uncharted and TR are great for exploration. Darksiders seems to be the mature Zelda. I would like another Zelda like mature game. No GOW type hack and slash something different like infamous maybe a lady lead character to change things up?

aceitman2694d ago

what started it was hiphopgamer saying that insomniac is doing an 360 exclusive with ms . and look at all the trouble he caused for insomniac . for what a lie . so we will see if it is true down the line .

BeOneWithTheGun2694d ago

HHG doing misquotes and leading in with BS headlines????? NO WAY!


lil Titan2694d ago

Insomniac is a great company and will always make there best exclusive but i will admit if they make a 360 exclusive i might be a little tart and im being REAL

Kurt Russell2694d ago

Not me. I've got a 360 as well so I'm all gravy no matter what they choose to do!

WAR_MACHINE772693d ago

I agree, doing a multiplat is fine but a 360 exclusive wouldn't be a smart move. Just like it wouldn't be smart for bungie to do one for the PS3. They would have to remember to have some loyalty to the fans that made them the names they are today.

dc12694d ago

Both examples expressed immediate shock at the multi-plat new release... but (and here is the kicker) engaged in relevant conversation with the developer.

I don’t support users’ views.. However this is far from 'Fanboyizem'. Both posters questioned Insomniac's ability to continue to deliver a high product to the PS3 base,.. Then ultimately wished Insomniac good luck.

I wish Insomniac the best.

To 360 only gamers: Please support them, they're great developers.

To N4G'ers: Stop perpetuating this 'Fanboy' talk back. It’s fun when sprinkled across a thread.. but should not be legitimized to such a degree.

madjedi2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

I honestly question how much support from the 360 fanbase insomniac will actually get, i'll think alot of 360 commenters(not all) are more interested. In the fact that it is not an exclusive to ps3 and much less that a insomniac title is coming to the 360.

I saw the same bs, when rising was announced as multiplatform suddenly the mgs saga was loved by all these 360 owners, despite part 4 being ridiculed as a movie countless times.

But maybe when bungie shows their game, ps3 owners will do the same thing, i do not considered the me series going mp.

To be the exact same for it was the only major 360 exclusive i remember mentioned in a predominantly positive context rather than a negative one, but as far as flat out reversal yeah both sides are guilty.

ElementX2694d ago

Why do people feel it necessary to be the first to comment on their own article?

ReservoirDog3162694d ago

Well they have a reason to be upset. It's just a stupid reason.

Anything Insomniac (minus all 4 one since I rarely play co op) is a day 1 buy for me.

madjedi2694d ago

Anyone hate the new character style in all for one, because i do.