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Warprincess1162782d ago

Lame. Where the gameplay. I hate CGI trailers.

ShadowArchangel2782d ago

And on the other side, I love CGI trailers.
:D Something for everyone!

aCasualGamer2781d ago

Great trailer but really bad game. Not my style.

Resident Evil is a horror franchise, why they are abusing it and making multiplayer-only games is beyond me.

Capcom should reveal a true RE sequel at E3.

xtreampro_REVENGE!2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

what's wrong with CGI trailers? CGI trailers have a larger impact on the audience than gameplay videos and it's a really good way of showing off the kind of atmosphere the game will have.

Gameplay wouldn't be able to do that especially for a new game that's supposedly different to other Resident Evil games. They have to show the atmosphere the game will have with CGI trailers before they can show gameplay.

Some devs choose to show in-engine cutscenes and others choose to show CGI cutscenes, but they'll never show off the atmosphere of a completely brand new game with gameplay, gameplay can't give you hints at what the story will be like can it? Look at ND, they didn't show UC3's gameplay first did they? they first showed an in-engine cutscene before showing gameplay.

Capture the attention of the audience first by depicting the story and atmosphere of the game before revealing it's gameplay.

gameguidedog2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

A CGI Trailer is ultimately a 'teaser' until further gameplay is revealed. Those epic style game with huge production budgets nowa days need one thing to grab an audience... a good story. If you don't like the overall story or aren't interested in that particular storyline, who cares if the gameplay is good or bad. However, if you like a storyline like Fallout New Vegas for example, it won't matter how fricken 'buggy' the game is, it's still darn worth playing and restarting if you are 'into' the game... So a CGI trailer is just like a movie trailer, do you like the story or not... let the people decide.

Army_of_Darkness2781d ago

CGI cut scenes are trying to respresent a game the best way possible( visually).. But that was the PS1-2 era when they couldn't produce graphics like today, so I would have to agree that this is Lame as hell... I wanna see in game graphics Dammit!! Not this useless bullsh1t!

just_looken2782d ago

i agree Warprincess also the movies are getting better but the series hasn't evolved sense the 90's maybe this time we can move and shoot?

Theyellowflash302782d ago

What planet are you living on? If your trying to tell me the 90's resident evil plays like Resident evil 4 your a idiot. That was the evolution of the series. You know that behind the back 3rd person view everybody is using now? That was RE4 that pioneered that. Not to mention your not doing your homework. They have already showed Resident Evil the Mercenaries and Resident Evil Revelations you can move and shoot.

DirtyLary2782d ago

Like the BRINK tv ad that didn't show a glimpse of game play. We see how that one panned out.

NellyNel_7_1_32782d ago

Hey guys.. is Capcom still making that CGI RE movie? I am not talking about this game here but the one starring Leon?

just_looken2782d ago

Resident Evil Damnation?
last i checked they were making the film with sony.

NellyNel_7_1_32782d ago

Yea, that is the one! Do you what date/year CapCom/Sony are thinking about release it?

Big_Dom2782d ago

It's already been made and has been out a few years now.

NellyNel_7_1_32782d ago

I was talking about the new RE movie that Just_Looken mention under my post.. I have already seen the other one you are talking about Big_Dom.

MoDyDo2781d ago

Man how I miss RE 1,2 and 3, heck even outbreak, I mean what the hell we use zombies as cover, really!!before just thinking of them frightened us, we were dying to get some ammo or health spray, just look at the nemesis one of the best bosses in horror games, and now we have lots and lots of weapons and we can never feel the horror again, and to top it off we should kill leon WOOOW just WOOOW