RPGSite at E3 2011: Most Anticipated Games

With E3 2011 days away, RPG Site reveals the top RPG titles that they're most looking forward to seeing and going hands-on with at the show.

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jony_dols2785d ago

Hmmm...a website called

I wonder what their most anticipated game of show will be???
*looks at article image*

VampiricDragon2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

only elder scrolls on that list is a good rpg as far as we know

Unfortunately the other best rpgs arent at e3

Foxgod2785d ago

Thats why that list is called "most anticipated"

It are the games that people are expecting to be good, personally i am looking forward to skyrim, dues ex and mass effect 3 .

VampiricDragon2785d ago

skyrim will be good. Theres no argueing that

dues ex and mass effect are very very very loosely rpgs. If they are rpgs. Zelda is an rpg to me.

dragon quest joker 2 professional. ff 13-2, pape rmario 3ds are mine

Foxgod2785d ago

Very loosely is an exaggeration, they are rpg's in their own unique style, just like skyrim.

Besides, Mass effect got everything an rpg needs, long story, side quests, many dialogs, an inventory, non linear gameplay, character creation and so on.

Dues Ex offers pretty much the same, minus the character creation.

Bolts2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Bah double post

Bolts2785d ago

This list fails.

The most anticipated RPG is Star Wars: The Old Republic above all else. Its only the costliest RPG ever developed and millions MMO fanboys and their $15 a month subs are awaiting it's release. It's basically EA's answer to WoW and they're throwing millions into this. It's an event.

Skyrim and everything else is a side show compared to this regardless of which RPG you prefer.

Bolts2785d ago

Umm WTF? Double post :(

Zeixama2785d ago

Sad truth ... there are no new solid JRPGs , it is not that less gamer like playing/are interested in JRPGs but Japanese Game Designers should improve their visions ; new and fresh , old school with innovative new gameplay features , dynamic and challenging stories ... Also I mean that they enter Final Fantasy level adult game design , other than childish anime style design .

VampiricDragon2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Theres about 25 great new jrpgs that have come out in the first half of this year alone. The rest of this year I have disgaea 4, grand knight history, paper mario 3ds, super robot wars og 3, ff type zero, rocket slime 3, gungir, persona 2 is psp, devil surviver 2, REXX, atelier totori, the another world ps3, pandoras tower, earth seaker, xenoblade, last story AND Those are just the few off the top of my head.

Yes skyrim is great. But like I showed your wrong

Not to mention this is a US conference. This isnt the tokyo gameshow.

Come on man at least if your going to show your not informed. Say so.

Foxgod2785d ago

I really want a new suikoden..............
My favorite jrpg series.

It got everything a jrpg needs!