First Look At Hitman: Absolution's Agent 47

TGH writes: 47 was found printed on an L.A hotel room key.

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Kon2692d ago

The Real ending of Blood Money left me with so many questions unanswered. I hope they will answer all of them in the next game

ShadyDevil2692d ago

Same. Such a great series imo.

just_looken2692d ago

looks like the hitman from the movie(insert actor name) shame does goes another series.

bauer0072692d ago

lmfao its completely unrelated to the movie series and looks nothing like timothy olyphant you idiot, just from a keycard you write off the series? you really are retarded arent you

PRHB HYBRiiD2692d ago

hitman is one of those games where u just can do the same mission 10 times and not get bored

ShadyDevil2692d ago

He looks chubby or is it just me? Ah well The snake bite might make him lose body mass. :)

He looks decent but I cant wait for the reveal trailer.

nopunctuation2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

He looks like he has aged. I think it is the the next gen adding some details to his face though. Makes him look more scary lol

Hellsvacancy2692d ago

Wtf? 47 looks like a bad ass mo-fu<ker like he always has

Cant wait for Hitman V

versusALL2692d ago

I never got into the Hitman series mostly because in the ps2 era, my mom wouldn't buy me them. Anyways I kinda looking forward to this one, looks like an interesting game.

just_looken2692d ago

tip this is still available small quantities but might be able to find it

jeeves862692d ago

I got into the series on accident - literally. I rented a game, a game that I thought was something else. I opened up the case and found Hitman: Contracts inside. It was late, and the rental store was closed, so I played it anyway, and after that night I was hooked. It wasn't something that I would have rented on my own, either.

I was able to get a free rental too cause they screwed up :D

Braid2692d ago

I'd love to see him growing a beard. Yeah, our bald guy with a Captain Price beard.

ShadyDevil2692d ago

That might be pushing it, just a little. The Santa thing was far enough.