Operation Flashpoint Sneaks In A 3 Gig Install

TGH writes: Operation Flashpoint: Red River, the newest entry in the acclaimed tactical shooter series, hit store shelves in the UK back in April, but those of us in North America won’t be able to get our hands on it until Tuesday. Now, in case you’ve managed to fill your PS3′s HDD to capacity this weekend with your free PSN goodies, we feel it’s only right to let you know what damage Operation Flashpoint: Red River might do to your hard drive.

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ShadyDevil2787d ago

Quite annoying, I thought we were past all this install stuff. If games like Uncharted 2 can do it why cant everyone else? Utilize that core.

Soldierone2787d ago

Because doing the requires actually making the game specifically for a PS3 system...instead of being lazy and porting over half arsed code from the 360.

(no im not bagging on 360, im hating on lazy developers)

Neckbear2787d ago

Because most game builds don't hide load screens behind videos disguised as cutscenes.

Just saying.

Kon2787d ago

You just nailed it.

Christopher2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Uncharted doesn't use videos. They are scripted in-engine scenes that still require engine processing. Same cut scenes you see in almost every game out there now.

What uncharted and god of war do behind the scenes with loading data in a constant flux is pretty amazing, but even many first party teams have been unable to do it as well and third parties tend to have enough on their plate when working with two or more console developments at once.

ShadyDevil2787d ago

Its better than most other titles like Fallout and others. Or DCUO and Mass Effect 2

Prototype2787d ago

OH NO, my 500 GB hdd with 330+ GB free can't handle it!
*jumps off a bridge*

GoldPS32787d ago

I forgot about this game. I don't think it'll be all that anyway. Too many shooters. I'm saving my money for BF3.