Lo-Ping | The Future Of Gaming

It seems today that gamers have become so jaded to anything new in gaming, to the point where it seems most gamers barely have any idea what can be improved on. Of course every gen the developers always seem to surprise us with something new and something we never expected. So Let’s go over the plenty of ways the developers can...

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ATiElite2696d ago

Bigger Faster Better and more WOW Sauce!

femshep2696d ago

the only way gaming is gonna have a successful future is if gamers stop buying into all the greedyness that has been going on.....selling games that arn't complete or debugged(not that it is possible to completely debug a game) things like fall out new vegas should never happen....rehashing a game that uses the same engine for 4 years ago (yes i do mean call of duty) and don't improve on anything.....and gamers need to be open minded instead of looking at a review score to judge a game actually play it completely through....and reviewers need to stop comparing every game to call of duty, gears of war, or elder scrolls (like is an excellent game but people said they play it for 5 minutes before they decide they hate it....but its a dugeon crawler....its meant to be slow, dark and gritty) last thing is to stop wanting the best graphics for it to be considered "good" graphics are not what make the game, story plot and char development do....and for some games online game play BUT NOT EVERY SINGLE GAME NEEDS MULTIPLAYER

they can throw all the tech advances at use all they want if gamers don't grow up then gaming is not going anywhere up down