Icrontic review: The Witcher 2, an imperfect masterpiece

The Witcher 2 is CD Projekt RED's second attempt at an ambitious RPG, which, minus a few gameplay annoyances and punishing difficulty, sets a new bar for presentation and storytelling.

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ElVeneno2695d ago

Masterpiece indeed. I tip my hat off to CDProjekt RED for putting in all the hard work into this game. Looking forward to DLC.

Jacks_Medulla2695d ago

Same here. I love the game, but it was over far to quick.

evrfighter12695d ago

If you sit back and think for a second.

This is only their 2nd RPG. Hardly enough to consider them veterans yet already being compared with Bioware and Bethesda.

Expect great things from CD Projekt. These guys are just coming out the starting gate.

showtimefolks2695d ago

well since i don't have a gaming pc. so i can not wait to play this on xbox360 this fall. But i may just wait till next year since fall is too packed

we have more than 10 AAA titles coming in fall alone

resistance 3
uncharted 3
saints row 3
darkness 2
batman 2
dark souls
ratchet all 4 one
witcher 2
mgs HD collection

and that's 15 from just top of my head i am sure i am missing a few games and maybe after e3 fall will be even more crazier

maybe we should expect some delays because that's too many games but i don't mind if they all come out i will wait and maybe get some deals on em

reznik_zerosum2695d ago

dark souls only good thin on your list...

showtimefolks2695d ago

there are many games on that list i will buy day one for sure

uncharted 3 gears 3 mgs hd collection(peace walker a 40hrs game and snake eater the best mgs game with dual shock and in hd now that's what you call a deal)

saints row 3,ratchet,resistance 3,rage,darkness 2,

are all day one and others depend on deals around the time they launch i will not be buying Bf3 or MW3 not my cup of tea.

i like FPS with good/great stories and not much of a online player so resistance 3 and rage for me will fill in my FPS needs

and don't get me wrong i will get witchers 2 hopefully the port will be done right. but what my point was that its really crowded this fall more than any other i can remember in recent fall games

Bolts2695d ago

Skyrim looks like shit compared to Witcher 2. In fact Witcher 2 might be the RPG version of Crysis. Its a benchmark that will stand for a very long time. The texture quality is such that only a dedicated PC game can achieve.

evrfighter12694d ago

ya I can vouch for the textures.


And this next one. If you were to remove Geralt from this it's a damn nice painting. This game was poetry in motion


pandehz2694d ago


Many a times I would stop and stare at the scenery. Very beautiful.